10 Ways to Make Your Nose Smaller Without Surgery, Just With Makeup!


Every person was born with unique features, and most people are more self-conscious about their face, particularly the nose. If you think your nose is to large for your face, there is nothing to worry about because many people are wishing for a smaller nose without undergoing invasive processes like surgery. Using simple makeup techniques, you can sculpture the size of your nose to enhance the overall look of your face. Here are some natural tips and tricks to trim the size of your nose:

1. Use Lighter Shade

One of the most effective ways to trim your wider nose is to create a light and shade using your makeup. To make your nose look more slender, use a foundation down the outsides of your nose that is one or two shades darker than the natural color of your skin. Next, apply a shade or two lighter than your skin to the bridge of your nose.

2. Skip Heavy Eye Makeup

Some people are lured into thinking that by using a heavy makeup on their eyes, they will draw attention from their nose, but that doesn’t work. If you use bold eye makeup, chances are that people will gaze at your nose even more. It is thus recommendable to use gentle and mild eye makeup in order to avoid over-highlighting the size of your nose.

3. Use Under Eye Concealer

Your nose becomes even more pronounced if you have dark circles under the eyes as they create the impression of a shadow. You can brighten the area under your eyes by using a concealer to cover dark circles and fine lines. This will help to draw attention away from your nose and it will appear smaller as well.

4. Shorten Your Nose

If you are embarrassed with your long nose, there are certain foundations that can make it look shorter. The trick is to apply darker shades towards the tip of your nose and between your nostrils. However, just like with every contouring routine, it is important to blend in your foundation properly in order to give it a more natural look. Anything less of this might make you look like a zombie!

5. Hairstyle Counts Too

Hairstyle Counts Too

This might sound weird, but the way you style your hair can impact the size of your nose as well. People who style their hair with a parting down the middle have a more pronounced nose. Luckily, you can draw attention away from your nose by side parting your hair. In addition, increasing the size at the back of your head will go a long way in diminishing the prominence of your nose.

6. Finnish with Matte

If you apply something that makes your nose shiny, you will also be making it look bigger. It is thus recommendable to finish using a matte. This will help to reflect light back from the bridge of your nose, which draws attention to other areas of your face without making your nose bigger than it is. For a matte finish, it is worth wrapping up your makeup with a loose powder.

7. Always Blush

It’s possible to incise your nose by highlighting other skin surfaces on your face like the cheeks. Use a blush with a shimmer to draw attention to your cheeks instead of your nose. Striking cheeks will definitely conceal the big size of your nose.

8. Apply Bronzer

Applying bronzer can as well diminish the size of your nose. Apply bronzer on your skin surfaces that naturally get exposed to sunlight, including the forehead, top of the cheeks, the chin, and at the center of your nose. By giving you some natural looking color to your skin, bronzer also helps to contour your face while making your nose look smaller as well.

9. Bolden Your Lips

Bolden Your Lips

Lips that are bold and bright help to draw attention away from your nose to your mouth. You can either try the classic bold red lips or use a shimmery lipstick. Once you don’t have a shine on your nose or anything else that draws attention, people will mostly focus on other areas on your face which you have highlighted with makeup.

10. Perfect!

If you have just started working with makeup to contour your face and make your nose smaller, you might find some flaws or mishaps. However, you will eventually become a pro and achieve amazing results. Start with a foundation to make your nose look smaller and graduate to trying more bold experiments to find what works best for your face. It is important to check your makeup with daylight as it can look totally different in other light sources.


Trimming your nose doesn’t always have to be through invasive procedures like surgery. With simple makeup techniques, you can highlight other skin surfaces on your face and draw attention from your face. Don’t take it to extremes if you are a beginner before finding out the better tricks that work for your face.

Stay Beautiful!

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