Did You Know That Makeup Can Affect Your Love Life? Here’s How


It is not surprising that almost every lady has an interesting relationship with makeup. As a woman, you may have a daily routine with eyeshadow, magic concealer or lipstick that you can’t go without. Most women also have signature looks that make them feel comfortable. But makeup can affect your love life in the following ways.

If You Wear Eyeshadow, You Will Get More Messages From Men

Many people romanticize the eyes, claiming they are the windows to the soul. This could explain why many men prefer eyeshadow on a woman more than any other kind of makeup. According to a study, women who posted a picture of themselves wearing eyeshadow received 139 percent more messages than their counterparts without eyeshadow.

Red Lips Will Attract More Stares

Red Lips Will Attract More Stares

Red lips seem to attract stares from men more than any other color. A study conducted by Manchester University found that men will keep staring at a woman with red lips for 7.3 seconds. The color that comes second is pink, holding men for 6.7 seconds. Well, you now know that red lips have mind controlling powers.

Your Abiding Love For Makeup Could Come Between You Two

even though some guys like makeup, some say they don’t like preferring the “natural look” instead. But this is debatable since most of the “natural” models that men drool over are covered with foundation. It therefore turns out that if it really comes down to your significant other or your love for makeup then things could take a turn for the worse. A study has found that 57 percent of women would rather break up with their boyfriend than break up with their makeup. So men should not pressure women when it comes to makeup.

Men Want Women To Wear Less Makeup Though

A Bangor University study found that men prefer women who wear 40 percent fewer cosmetics. So women should bear that in mind whenever they open up their make up bags.

Makeup May Make Men Respect Women More

women who wear makeup seem to be more competent. That is according to a study conducted by Procter & Gamble. That means you should wear a little makeup to your first date and job interview, because no one wants to date or employ someone who is incompetent.

Lipstick Kisses Could Be Lethal!

Lipsticks may look good, but some makeup out their contain things you wouldn’t want in your body. FDA found that more than 400 lipsticks contain lead, a very dangerous chemical. So if you wear a signature color every day, it may be time to switch to a natural brand.


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