5 Beautiful Makeup Ideas that’s Suitable for Every Occasion and Outfit


Wearing makeup is not as easy as how it seems, most especially if you don’t know what to wear best for an occasion you’re headed to. As a simple rule of thumb, remember that for day time, a lighter makeup is preferred, while a darker makeup is called for at night. An event where you will be photographed in requires generally thicker eyebrows for it to show during photoshoots, and glittery makeup are a huge no-no.

5 Make up Looks to Match every Outfit

No amount of makeup can make up for less than beautiful and flawless skin. Make it a point to observe a skincare routine that keeps your skin fresh, clear and flawless. Cleanse, tone, moisturize and exfoliate. Keep your skin clean. Choose only cosmetics that will not harm your skin.

Below are five makeup ideas to fit any ordinary day or any special event.

Look # 1: No Mmakeup Look

No makeup Look

It’s the embodiment of the original makeup philosophy, particularly for daily wear — it’s not skin but, it should look as if it is a natural part of you. Make the no makeup look work for you by properly prepping your skin using a foundation or BB cream that leaves your skin with a matte, dry, oil-free finish. Keep enhancing your features using very light strokes and subtle colors. Use a nude lipstick.

Look #2: Strobed Skin. Leave your skin appearing dewy and healthy by working out a clean and radiant skin that literally reflects back light. Do this by using a gel-based product from your makeup stash. If you don’t already own one, get a non-matte finish moisturizer. Top with color cosmetics in light shades which have shimmer and reflect back light. Line your eyebrows and eyelids lightly. Use a highlighter to color your under eyelids or just your tear glands.

Look # 3: Sultry Look

Sultry Look

This look requires contact lenses in wild eyes and seriously thick and long eyelashes. Once you’re done putting in your lenses and getting your eyelash extension, prime your face with a matte finish BB cream or foundation. Arch your eyebrows. Line your upper and lower eyelids with a black eyeliner. Create shadows on your eyelids using browns and bronzes. A matte lipstick in old rose or a deep red shade will ace this look.

Look # 4: Smoky Eyes. Prime your skin and color correct as necessary. Line your eyelids with a thick line. Create dark shadows by drawing a gradient of at least two colors of the same tint, with one at least one or two shades lighter than the other.

Look # 5: Simple, cat’s eye Lined

Simple Cats Eye Lined

Last of these makeup ideas is simply giving your eyelids a cat line. This look is perfect when you don’t have a lot of time to spare figuring out your eye makeup.


Skin perfection that’s what makeup should always try to achieve. Never overdo your makeup. When you’re unsure what makeup look to wear, always favor the ones that require less products.

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