Fabulous Makeup Tips for the Perfect Red Carpet Look


How do stars end up so fabulous on the red carpet? Leaves us all jaw dropped and wondering all the time.

How to Hollywood Glam?

Whether you’re going for Vintage Hollywood or for a more modern, sleek red carpet look, there are some rules on getting perfectly prepped for red carpet — and, the flashing cameras.

Tip No.1

Unblemished Skin

Great makeup requires great, unblemished skin. The secret is no secret no more, after all, isn’t it? To get great makeup, you have to have great skin. So, weeks before your own red carpet event, make sure to get hydrated, get sufficient hours of sleep, and eat healthy. Exfoliate, at a clinic if you can or, perform physical exfoliation. Stay away from products or procedures that will require your skin to recuperate for at least a week more or, you’ll end up with peeled skin during your big event.

Tip No. 2: Get your foundation and concealer right. Take a foundation without SPF since it will likely cake on you and make an awkward bounce of the light coming from the camera. Once your foundation is evened out, time to get your skin imperfections in check with a concealer. Pay closer attention to evening out skin around your eyes, most especially if you have eye bags and dark under eye circles.

Tip No. 3

Perfecting Your Eyes

Spend the most time perfecting your eyes. Groom your eyebrows. Prop with a lightweight gel and let dry before putting on your eyebrows. Use an ink or gel-based eyebrow liner but, make sure to follow through with pencil of the same shade. Straight eyebrows leave a line that’s too defined, too straight, too stringent that make you look older.

Next, line your eyelids, top and bottom with eyeliner. If you haven’t had the chance to get an eyelash extension beforehand (which, is so much better so you don’t have to deal with clamped up eyelashes and stiff mascara), falsies are your next best option but please keep it real. Create a light, contoured shadow on your eyelids.

Tip No. 4: Shape your lips well and color in. Avoid glittery and shimmery lipsticks on the red carpet. You will want to stick to your nudes if you’re going for dainty finish or, get vintage and classy with deep burgundy pout. Stay away from lipsticks that are too dark like gothic lip colors that will make you look old and stern in photos. Outline your lips with a nude lipliner. Put on concealer on the insides to make the lip color stick better.

Tip No. 5

Defining Curls Hair

Beyond face, mind your hair. Pull on somebody. Curls are, in fact, the secret to vintage look — can’t have it without the defining curls. Pin it, mousse it or strike it up, the secret is to keep it in place, and to make sure it holds out for the rest of the night.


Now it’s your time to make heads turn and ‘wow’ people in your own red carpet event. Warning: everyone will want in your secret – shhh.

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