5 Makeup Tips and Tricks to keep Makeup on and make it Last all day


So you got a ton of makeup products in your makeup stash, at least half of it you drag around all day with you to work or to school – all because you’re afraid that your makeup will fall off anytime during the day? Well, if you are, there must be something in your makeup routine that you are not quite doing properly.

5 Makeup tips to keep your Makeup on

Check out the 5 makeup tricks below to get your makeup right the first time, and not have to worry about about a re-touch at any time on a regular work or school day:

Tip No. 1: Start off with a good skincare routine. Any makeup will be less than stunning if you can’t get your morning skincare habits right. Cleanse and tone. If you have been exfoliating regularly, good for you! That step alone allows your makeup to be better incorporated into your skin.

Good Skincare Routine

Tip No. 2: Pick up a good BB cream that’s in your skin tone. So what does a BB cream do? A BB cream functions in four different ways in favor of your skin – moisturizer,facial sunscreen, foundation and concealer. As such, you won’t ever have to worry about layering products ever again, because the more products you later, the more likely it is that these will slide against each other and melt on your skin. Also, it’s more likely you’d get an irritation because the products you layer aren’t exactly perfectly compatible with each other.

To make the most out of your BB cream and make it perfect for day time, everyday wear, choose one with a lightweight formulation matte finish and at least an SPF 15.

Better Use of Your Concealer

Tip No. 3: Make better use of your concealer. If you don’t have dark under eye problems or dark spots to spot conceal, the only concealer you’ll need is your nude concealer. If you do have blemishes to cover up, you need another colored concealer that neutralizes the color of your skin imperfections.

Use your concealer as a primer to line your eyelids, eye brows and lip outline with. By lining these areas with concealer, your makeup products do not come easily into contact with oil in your skin and does not slip.

Tip No. 4: Use products that give you a matte finish for all-day wear. These products simply last longer on than your creamy or satin finish makeup.

Get an Eyelash Extension

Tip No. 5: This fifth item isn’t exactly a makeup trick but it will make you wear your eyelashes even when you sleep – get an eyelash extension! It saves you from the trouble of powdering or smudging mascara that all stiffens on you throughout the day.


A few tricks to wear your makeup better goes a long way in saving you, not only from spending on makeup you don’t really need, but also your precious time and effort. Accomplish more things other than doing your makeup repeatedly throughout the day.

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