Makeup Tips for Winter 2011


This season you can always stand out in order to try bolder makeup styles. These can include the daring eyeliner besides smoky eyes as well as darker shades on your lips and nails. You need to take a look at a few of the hottest trends and winter makeup tips for trying out. If you are into the natural makeup style, there is no need to worry as there are many options for you too. You just need to practice in order to obtain that flawless makeup by putting in a minimum amount of effort.

In case you have not been a big fan of the eyeliner till now, for winter 2011 you need to step out from your shell in order to take chances and to bring more attention to your eyes. You may find it rather difficult to apply in the beginning, but practice and patience will help you to manage it right. And now, everything is possible, any shape and size. Also, a red lipstick can add glam as well as femininity in an instant. Some makeup tips are detailed below to draw your inspiration to get the winter 2011 makeup looks.

Makeup Looks
  • Eyeliner can be a real lifesaver for all those girls who have small eyes and wish to bring depth to them. You may apply eyeliner only on the top lid to add expressiveness to your look. In case you use liquid eyeliner, you can make smaller lines in the inner and outer corner as well as in the middle, and then connect these. For the bottom eyelid it is always better to use pencil eyeliner. A night out with your friends would make the cat eye makeup give you that sexy look.
  • The famous smoky eyes makeup is making made a strong comeback among the winter 2011 makeup trends. Not only this, it is coming in many different versions. This season, the classic smoky eye makeup is not there and it has been redefined in a stylish as well as a very creative way. You may even try the bi-color version, but ensure you always keep the severe tone by using darker shades of brown, golden, as well as taupe. Also, always pair black and gray, golden and brown, or even gray and blue. Smoky eyes in softer colors tend to work wonders with a nude makeup for the lips as well as skin. You may even try a bolder and innovative version as has been spotted at Chanel.
  • This is the perfect season when you can play with different colors of eye shadows. You may choose sweet shades of pink, beige, or even brown. Else, you may choose the powerful and warmer shades of purple or even chocolate. And the popular metallic shades of golden or silver can be used for getting a luminous look.
  • Luminous Look
  • For winter 2011 you may use a lighter eye shadow on your entire top eyelid that may even go up towards the brow. It is not important to use either mascara or eyeliner, in order to keep the makeup as simple as possible. This is trendy as well as luminous, and you have to wear it with self-confidence.
  • Orange is not meant for the lips only. This season you are getting it in a daring version for your eyes too. In case you have a porcelain skin, you may use a stunning orange makeup for the eyes in order to represent the detail that will bring attention to your look by adding a luminous as well as electric touch. It is a great option in case of a special evening event.
  • However, winter always demands warm, earthy colors not just on the clothes, but even on the eyelids. For winter 2011, you may try colors having purple tones, as it is so hot. You may even draw your inspiration from the classic looks of the ’20s besides the retro makeup to obtain a special result as well as stand out. But make sure to use it with moderation during the day. The best option is to draw a fine line at the roots of your eye lashes.
  • We love rebellious eyebrows as they tend to play an important role in your look. This season, you may keep your brows as natural as possible with regards to their shape or color. You can purchase an eyebrow pencil having a creamy texture for adding a slightly healthy glowing. Once you have applied the pencil, you can style them upwards by using a special gel.
  • Healthy Glowing
  • Natural, as well as healthy looking and glowing skin will remain really hot this winter. Thus, you need to forget the mask effect as a nude makeup requires taking care of your skin properly. Thus you need to follow all the essential steps that include cleansing and nourishing each day, besides applying a mask and a scrub once a week. Also, use a special product if you have to deal with any specific skin problem. For winter 2011, foundation has to become your second skin along with a gentle texture.
  • This season, nude makeup does not necessarily have to be matte. On the contrary, you may choose a luminous and fresh makeup by using a nacreous blush or powder which is able to reflect light. You may opt for a blush in a natural shade, like peach, coral or pink. Never apply it in the center of the cheekbones, but rather on the sides, towards the temples. Use circular moves that will add a sculptural as well as glamorous touch to your looks. In case the color of the blush is strong, you need to avoid using too much makeup for the eyes as well as lips.
  • In case you want a minimalist approach with regards to makeup, it will require numerous tips and tricks, besides different products, like foundation, concealer, illuminator as well as powder, which need to be properly applied on the skin for obtaining a flawless looking skin.
  • Red is the color of passion. The 2011 winter requires intense colors for the lips. Thus, you may dare the matte and deep colored lipsticks, even during daytime. You can always add a sexy and elegant touch to your overall look by choosing a red shade this season. For these holidays, you may choose a red lipstick that will work amazingly along with a beautiful retro hairstyle.
  • Red Lipstick
  • The hottest color for your lips this winter season is cherry. This is a flattering shade in case your skin looks perfect. This season you simply need to follow the rule saying that using a strong color for your lips will require a natural makeup for the eyes. Also, you may try the newest trend by using red for both the lips and eyes. But don’t use the colors in the same intensity and make one darker that the other.
  • For those who are more into natural makeup, the opposite trend of the dramatic lip makeup is also there. For this winter you may go to the extremes with a version that is rather pale. In order to obtain that look, you may cover your lips with a soft layer of foundation and then apply some lip gloss. Nude lips help to enhance your features as well as bring out the color of your eyes.

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