7 Best Makeup Tricks For a Younger Looking Skin That You Always Wanted


Makeup is a wonderful beauty tool, and with the right skill, you can easily transform how you look in many ways. Think you’re skilled enough to use makeup to instantly make yourself appear 10 years younger or more? Of course you can!

Don’t doubt your makeup abilities. Here are 7 simple makeup tricks to give you the confidence to make your colors work in your favor:

Tip No. 1: Spend More Time Treating Your Skin:

Spend More Time Treating Your Skin

The top secret in getting makeup that makes you look younger and not older than you really are involves treating your skin. If you have to divide up your time when applying your products, make more time cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing your skin. Skin responds to moisturizers and does plump up on contact. So make sure to sign up your essences, serums and moisturizing creams. Whenever you’re applying makeup, make sure to get only the lightweight options.

Tip No. 2: Give Yourself a Coverup that works for your Skin: Drop the foundation, that is, unless you are expecting to be photographed. Use a sheerer textured BB cream that matches your skin tone instead. This product already gives you a more evened out skin tone and a light concealer. Use concealer sparingly to cover up any other skin imperfections that are showing through.

Tip No. 3: Use Thin, Feathery Strokes to Shape and Fill in your Eyebrows:

Shape and Fill in your Eyebrows

Make it a conscious effort not to draw hard lines on your eyebrows. Instead, use either a powder-based eyebrow or an eyebrow pencil to get your face well framed. Take Kim K’s advice: gradient your eyebrows in two colors. Use the lighter shade for the inner part and the darker shade for the outer corners for a softer, younger appearance.

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Tip No. 4: Choose Nude and Natural Colors: Your youngest skin can only be achieved with a no makeup look. Show off the skin treatment you’ve spoiled your skin with by letting your natural glow show through. Use only nude and natural colors like light browns, mauves, peaches, oranges and pinks on your eyes and cheeks.

Tip No. 5: Curl and Lengthen your Eyelashes:

Lengthen your Eyelashes

Brighten your eyes and skin around your eye area. Curl, add length and just a light volume to your eyelashes. The easiest way is by using a mascara but the best way is by getting an eyelash extension.

Tip No. 6: Apply Highlighter on your Waterlines: Make your eyes pop out some more by using highlighter to line the inner side of your top and bottom eyelids.

Tip No. 7: Apply a Light Blush on your Cheeks:

Blush on your Cheeks

Give your cheeks a natural blush by coloring the apples of your cheeks and contouring it to make your cheek bones appear firmer and more pulled up.


Put your hands together for a job well done! You can do better by following these steps everyday. So, keep practicing and stay creative by trying other colors until you find the look that flatters you the most.

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