Top 5 Makeup Tricks To Look Young: Enhance Your Beauty


Your skin will age no matter what. There are top 5 makeup tricks that can help you get the most out of your makeup, hide signs of skin aging, and exude a more youthful, more beautiful you.

Tip No. 1: Get your foundation color right

Sometimes, the only trick you need is applying the correct makeup on the right layer. Enough said about which should come first – concealer or foundation. The jury is out, you should use the ‘correct’ shade of foundation first! How do you know you’re using the right foundation? It has to be in the skin tone of your face or décolleté. The idea is to make a flawless skin complexion, and not to seemingly detach your head from the rest of your body.

Tip No. 2: Get your concealer color right

Once you have the right foundation applied, top with a concealer. Usually, when you have mature skin, you will need at least two shades of concealer – one that is lighter and one that is darker than your foundation color. The first one, you use over dark patches of your skin which you want to brighten up like your dark under eye bags. The other, you use for white blemishes or dull spots on your skin.

Tip No. 3: Frame your eyebrows well

Frame your eyebrows well

Thin eyebrows make you look older. Afterall, your eyebrows do thin out naturally as you age. The third makeup trick then involves properly framing your face by carefully trimming and shaping your eyebrows. You may continue using your tattoo-like eyebrow gels to promote long-lasting finish but, it will do you good to top them off with an eyebrow pencil to draw some volume and create a bit of bushiness on your eyebrows.

Tip No. 4: Use more nude and natural colors

Stop yourself from going over the edge with plum, orange, bright red or fuschia lipstick or eyelid colors! They don’t funk up your look. If any, these colors can easily clown up your style. Favor the nudes, and you’ll see how natural can go a long way in making you seem much younger than you really are.

Tip No. 5: Stop using your volumizing mascara

Again, darkening your eye area, such as with a volumizing mascara, can only lead you to gain more years. If you absolutely think your eyelashes need some work up, you’re better off getting an eyelash extension.


To look younger with a few makeup tricks, there’s just one reminder you should keep in mind: go natural. Don’t be afraid to let some of those lines and creases show because the more you try to cover them up with thick makeup, the more those makeup residues will highlight unwanted signs of skin aging. By keeping your makeup simple, you stay young.


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