Managing Perimenopause: Orthopedic Issues


Perimenopause stage entails various issues affecting women. One of which is orthopedic. During perimenopausal stage, losing bones is a common thing. Hence, various orthopedic problems may occur. Managing perimenopause period needs a lot of effort. This is not a disease but a natural phasing a woman should experience upon aging. Remember, perimenopause is natural but orthopedic problems can surely be prevented if you are equipped with the things you need to know.


Kinds of Orthopedic Problems you might Encounter

Orthopedic Issues

Managing perimenopause (orthopedic issues) surely requires better understanding from you on the kinds of bone problems you might encounter. There could be a lot of diseases attached to the bones. But when it comes to perimenopause, the two most common orthopedic issues include osteoporosis and carpal tunnel.

  • Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis is generally characterized by decreasing bone density leading to a fragile and weaker bones. This bone problem is very common among aging women particularly those that are in the perimenopause period. Women with osteoporosis are likely to live a less active life. In addition, osteoprotic bones could also put you in a lot of pain and disability.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Carpal tunnel syndrome is most common among women especially those that are experiencing strong changes in their hormones which may happen during pregnancy and perimenopausal stage. Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by numbness and tingling feeling on the wrist. CTS if left untreated can lead to a permanent loss of feeling and numbness of fingers and thumb.

Treatment and Prevention Measures

Managing perimenopause particularly that of orthopedic issues should definitely include familiarizing yourself with the treatment options you have.

  • Osteoporosis – Though you can find different medication for osteoporosis today, nothing can rebuild your bones that are already weakened by osteoporosis. Hence, knowing prevention measures is the best way to fight this bone problem.
    1. Regular Exercise – To prevent osteoporosis, you must start exercising regularly. Regular exercise can make your bones and muscles stronger and less prone to acquiring osteoporosis.
    2. Quit Smoking – Aside from the many health risks that you can get from smoking, smoking a pack of cigarettes (20 sticks) according to the studies made by the experts, could cause 5% to 10% loss in bone mass. Hence, quitting from smoking can definitely help in preventing osteoporosis and managing perimenopause as well.
    3. Moderate your alcohol intake – Though the effects of alcohol in osteoporosis is not as cleas as with smoking and exercise, it is still safer for you to keep you alcohol intake in moderation just to be sure.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – In treating CTS, the first thing you need to know is the power of resting. CTS is often caused by repetitive movement of hands or fingers leading to its numbness. Resting or doing less repetitive movement can certainly help. In addition, physical therapy, medication and surgery are also included as treatment options for CTS.

Orthopedic problems due to perimenopause period can definitely be prevented if you are well educated about it. Hence, continuous research and learning is a great way to manage perimenopause.