How Well Are You Managing Your MS?


Before we dive into answering the question “how well are you managing your MS”, first let’s look into what this disease is all about. Multiple Sclerosis more commonly known as MS is a disease of the nervous system that affects mainly the brain and spinal cord. This disease damages the myelin sheath which is the material that protects nerve cells. Because of the damage, messages between the body and brain are slowed down so the result is one or more of the following symptoms: muscle weakness, blurred vision, balance and coordination problems, numbing or prickling sensation in different parts of the body and memory problems.

Women Managing MS

There is still no known exact cause for MS as of today. However, most experts have a theory that it is an autoimmune disease wherein the body is attacking itself. This disease affects more women than men. The important question for people who have this condition is “how well are you managing your MS”. There are many ways of managing MS but it depends on the particular case of the affected person. First of all, a chronic illness such as MS is something that will never go away. The best solution is to manage it properly and change your lifestyle so that you can minimize its symptoms. Here are some of the most common ways to manage MS:

Regular Exercise

It is very important to consult your physician before you start any exercise program. He/she will be able to recommend activities that you can or cannot do. Also, remember not to overexert yourself particularly because your mind and body is already stressed from the condition. Always start with a thorough warm-up to prepare your body. Exercise in a safe environment free of potential hazards. Remember that your balance and coordination is compromised.

Minimize or Avoid Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

This is very important because high heat or humidity can make the symptoms temporarily worse. Avoid saunas, hot showers and baths. For people with MS who live in hot places, it is advisable to invest in an air conditioner. Exposure to extreme temperatures doesn’t’ result to permanent nerve damage and the worsening of symptoms is only temporary.

Safety Precautions

This is very important when it comes to answering the question “how well are you managing your MS”. Always remember that this disease is permanent so you should make safety precautions because of MS’s symptoms particularly muscle weakness, balancing problems, blurred vision and coordination problems. Installing rails and other safety devices inside the home can help avoid dangerous accidents. Using assistive devices like crutches can also help a lot.