Marini Lash


Marini Lash – Overview

Emerging from the imagination of Jan Marini, who was set on the belief that medicinal benefits could apply to beauty began creating products that would produce longer lashes in 2005. With little professional cosmetic training, she was the first to recognize glycolic acid’s ability to improve the skin’s look and feel and the first to bring to market a stable Vitamin C topical to promote healthy skin. Nicknamed “The Derma Diva”, Jan Marini researched and marketed medically-supported skincare products since 1989 with investment in MD Formulations glycolic acid products. Operating out of San Jose, California, the privately held company and its founder are known world-wide for skincare innovation and skin condition solutions.

In a white and gray color scheme, the Jan Marini website provides quick search access and banners of its high profile awards and celebrity endorsements. The navigation bar provides access purchase, company and product information as well as testimonials and contact information. The next block provides rotating images of Jan Marini’s latest popular products including Marini Lash eyelash conditioner. The final block features an image of Jan Marini and her product promise of satisfaction as well as the hottest brand technology and the Marini Skin Care Management System. Individual products information is available. Customers can also select a skincare system based on skin type which includes products across brands for each phase of skincare maintenance.

While the Jan website offers moderate product and company information, the sales site is the My Jan website. In white, silver and blue the site allows searching by brand via the horizontal information bar. The home page includes best sellers and a vertical navigation bar based on skin issue, skin type and product categories. The individual product pages deliver price points, product descriptions, instructions for use, customer reviews and shopping cart access.

Marini Lash – Product Description

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The Jan Marini product page offers eight product lines addressing various skincare, eyelash and hair needs. Among them is the Marini line which focuses on eyelash and hair care. The brand targets wimpy lashes and problem hair with a proprietary peptide technology. The Marini Line consists of Marini Lash conditioner, mascara and a hair conditioner.

Marini Lash, available through authorized distributors or the Jan Marini online store at, sells for $160 and promises luscious full lashes and eyebrow enhancement. It contains a proprietary peptide blend and non-prostaglandin formulation, a formula which may have resulted to avoid further accusations from a leading drug maker regarding prostaglandin patent infringement. Other ingredients include Biotin, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, White Tea leaf and Cinnamon Bark extract.

Applied like eyeliner, Marini Lash earned reviews on both endpoints of the spectrum. Most agreed that real results requires at least three weeks of use. Some felt the new formula wasn’t as effective as previous versions while others were impressed.

Marini Lash – Advantage

  • Marini Lash includes natural ingredients.
  • Marini Lash is produced by a company reputable for skincare innovation.
  • One tube of Marini Lash lasts six months.

Marini Lash – Drawbacks

  • Marini Lash’s $160 price for a tube holding less than a quarter of an ounce of product seems steep.
  • Both websites lack clinical research results.

Marini Lash – The Bottom Line

Those in search of long flirtatious lashes can rely on the innovative track record of Jan Marini Research. It is that track record and third party reviews from which potential buyers must make their decision as no unbiased clinical research results are provided. While the tube is said to last six months, the product price tag is a risky proposition for a product that is in its second reformulation.


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