Beautiful Masks by Tom Banwell

By Rachel Barton

The beautiful masks are designed by artist Tom Banwell in California. These creations by Tom Banwell are simply magical and out of the world. Masks are colorful and with unique designs. So to grab all the attention to yourself, go for the masks.

Masks by Tom BanwellMasks by Tom Banwell

The shape of the masks is detailed and classy. Some of the masks are dual colored like the one in red and black colors.

Masks by Tom BanwellMasks by Tom Banwell

Some masks are made from paper mache and some are made from leather. These masks are lightweight and there you are sure to be noticed when you wear it. They are finely cut and painted with different colors. There is a very different eyecage mask with bars covering the eyes to give you a cool look!

Masks by Tom BanwellMasks by Tom Banwell

There is an eagle mask in which the wings of the bird are stretched above giving height to the mask. The mask colored with gold is a cat mask to give you the looks you want.

Masks by Tom BanwellMasks by Tom Banwell

So people choose masks as the new accessory and get desired looks to be the center of attraction.

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