Matchless Couture Beauty Looks


The world’s renowned Makeup and hair artist worked their magic backstage with gleaned inspiration. glittery and sequins were large trends, they made good use of these elements on various models’ eyes. These models were flaunting the makeup with seductive mussed locks with a few strands sticking to their foreheads for good measure.

Graceful eyes with brow-high shadow, red-colored lacquered lips, and veteran’s administration-veterans administration-voom tresses compensated vibrant tribute towards the era


The above model is wearing makeup with eyes and lips appearance to match the dress she is caring.

Have you ever seen the feathers used by someone like this before? Surely not. These birdlike updos attracted everyone’s attention to them.


The unique idea of having the “veiled burglars” made them to create an eye that read through the veil, they went for a smoldering black hue with “star like sparkles.”

In capturing the heavenly essence, they transformed models into princesses. Along with Decorated braided chignons and sparkling wire headbands, they also made skin glow-dusting gold pigment across the Cupid ‘s bow and inner corners of the eyes.


Unlike others this red dress was complimented with crimson color for lips. There’s nothing like a classic pucker paired with sheer, flawless skin!

In order to pay tribute to Japan the makeup artist went ahead with cherry blossom pink shade across eyelids, cheeks, and lips, for that more desirable almond shape they use a charcoal liner.


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