5 Matte Lipsticks to Obsess over for the Perfect Pout like Kylie Jenner


Having been born into the Kardashian-Jenner clan, it was only but natural for Kylie to live in the spotlight and under the scrutiny of the public eye. King K, as the 18-year old has grown to be called, is the millennial entrepreneur behind Kylie Cosmetics, a brand she personally created and manages, and the constant sell out Lip Kits.

How to get Kylie’s full, Puckered Lips

Kylie has already revealed how she’s been getting filler injections so you’d rather stick to a few quick and easy-to-do makeup tricks to get the same look in an instant! Here’s how:

1. Prep your Lips

Prep your Lips

Exfoliate with a lip scrub or, make a no-sweat mixture of honey and coarse, brown sugar. Get some on your lips and scrub gently to get the dead skin cells out. Massage for 5-10 minutes then rinse off.

2. Treat with a Deep Moisturizing Lip balm or Conditioning Gel. A Vaseline or Nivea clear lip moisturizing balm should work out wonderfully. You might prefer a product like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Repair Balm, US$30 on Amazon, or Dior Addict Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm in Créme de Rose, US$28.

3. Using a nude color pencil in the color that’s as much as two shades lighter than your skin tone, draw outside your natural lip line. Once you’re satisfied, second coat the outline with the matte lip color of your choice.

Natural lip line

4. Use a lip pencil that’s up to two tones lighter than your upper lip color to outline the outside part of your lower lip. This makes your lower lip dramatically fuller.

5. Gloss over your matte lip if desired. The added shine makes your lips seem much bigger.

5 Products you’ll Love

Love what Kylie loves. She swears by her nudes and light browns but also occasionally wears darker colors in burgundy and purple. Get your full lips in the following brands and shades:

1. MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil, US$16.50

MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil, US$16.50

Shape, line and fill for a fuller matte finish in this easy to control packaging. Love it more in three shades, Spice, Naked and Whirl.

2. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution, US$23. Look dangerously sultry in Very Victoria and Bond Girl.

3. Kylie Cosmetics Lip Pencil, US$14

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Pencil

Nothing else but Kylie on your lips. Channel her passion and obsessions in Candy K and True Brown.

4. NARS Velvet Matte Pencil, US$26. Notoriously pigmented, derive full satisfaction in Bahama.

5. Estēe Lauder Pure Color Envy MatteSculpting Lipstick, US$32

Estēe Lauder Pure Color Envy MatteSculpting Lipstick

For those occasions when you feel like going vicious and vamp, put on this burgundy matte color in Desirous.

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If you’ve been sucking on a lip pucker — really, you can do the same thing with a baby bottle cap — stop kidding yourself it’s making any difference because all it’s leaving you with is a bruised pout and a hurt pocket.

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