Matte Vs. Shimmery: Choose The One That Leaves You Rocking


How much should it matter if you wore matte or shimmery? Apparently a lot! Not so much because you want to stay up to speed with the trends and keep fashion forward, but more so because makeup does paint a picture of who you are in one glance. Your makeup choices, just like the clothes you choose to wear, tell people around you about your preferences, not so much as to stereotype people but that’s just the way things are people dress up, people put on makeup in a way that is comfortable for them.

And, that’s exactly what you should be asking yourself are you more comfortable wearing a matte or shimmery? Just like everything else in fashion these days where you don’t need to ride the bandwagon to sport the latest runway style. All that matters is that your vibe is reflected in the way you carry yourself, in the way you dress up yourself.

Guess what? In reality, it doesn’t really matter whether you choose matte or shimmery. You can even go ahead and choose to wear both, which is totally not unheard of. Many women will be comfortable wearing either matte or shimmery, and to them, the deciding points are which look complements their outfit and, which look fits the occasion.

Matte or Shimmery on Different Attires

For casual attires, going with either looks are alright. Whichever look you choose, it’s important to keep it light if you’re expecting to a soak in the sun. In which case, it’s safer to keep the matte or the shimmers on your lips, and keep everything else stripped down to the basics.

For your business wear, shimmery look may look a bit unprofessional most especially if those glitters find their way to your eyes. For your business attire, a matte look will be the clear choice. A matte finish gives the impression that you’re firm and in control. If you want the comfort of a shimmery lipstick over a dry, matte lipstick, however, you may always opt for shimmery lip glosses but your lips are the only place glitters can belong to when you’re wearing your suit.

If you’re wearing an elegant, traditional, long gown, keep the class and elegance by choosing to go matter. If you’re wearing a colorful, shiny dress, you may take that shine all the way to your face! That’s the best time for you to put on a shimmery look.

Matte Or Shimmery On Different Occasions

Either Matte or Shimmery

If you’re attending a children’s party or celebrating your achievement at a pizza parlor on the corner of the street, either matte or shimmery will do, just as long as you keep the look toned down.

If you’re attending a wedding, make sure you’re dressed and made up for the occasion. Check the dress code and decide whether to go matte or shimmery from there.

For a night out well, it depends on whether it’s a formal event or, a night of clubbing. If it’s a formal event, most especially if the affair is in line with your business or office, matte is your clear choice. If you’re going clubbing or on your way to a fantasy ball then, sky’s the limit when it comes to putting on these glittery glam on you! Completely cover your eyes and lips with glitters and nobody will take it against you.

Matte Or Shimmery Depending On The Season

Should it matter if you wore matte or shimmery in summer or in spring, winter or fall? Practically, it does. Since the cold, dry weather of winter and fall sucks up moisture from your lips and face, it is more advisable to put on the shimmers, which often come in highly hydrating and sticky formulations that not only keep skin and lips hydrated but helps prevent moisture loss as well.

In contrast, the moisture that abounds in spring makes it safer for your skin to use matte formulations. In summer, shimmery remains fine and flirty. Shimmery lip colors may keep your lips hydrated in the face of the hot and dry weather but, the sticky feel of shimmery makeup on your face may leave a nasty feeling as you sweat on it.

Taking fashion sense into this dilemma over matte or shimmery however, will show that, historically, the matte look is favored during the colder months. Matte was all over the catwalk on the Carolina Herrera Fall / Winter Fashion Show, just like most other styles during the New York fashion week were gaga over matte.

Some Makeup Reminders

Matte Or Shimmery On Different Occasions

While it may seem tempting to use both matte and shimmery looks at the same time, don’t even think about it. You’re going to look confusing just as your choices of combinations are whacked.

Whether you are going for a matte or a shimmery finish, keep in mind to bolden only either your eyes or your lips. Somethings gotta give and it’s a poor choice to choose to highlight both.


It’s good to play around with your makeup every once in a while, just try not to go overboard.


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