Meals that Flatten Your Belly


Have you been trying to lose that ugly, protruding gut of yours for some time now but it won’t even shrink a bit? If this is the case, then your diet is probably the reason. You need to take a look at your meal choices and the foods you include in every meal. Remember that diet is the most important aspect of any weight loss program. You need to be aware of the kind of meals that flatten your belly.

The Perfect Meal to get rid of your Gut

Meals that Flatten Your Belly

The ideal meal that will help you flatten your belly should be high in dietary fiber, protein and should contain a good amount of carbohydrates. Vegetables contain a high amount of fiber which can help you feel full sooner and longer. This will help you consume less food and not have food cravings that lead to bingeing. meals that flatten your belly also contain a good source of lean protein for several reasons. Most importantly, protein is very filling and helps you eat less. Another important reason is because protein is a metabolic food. This means that protein significantly increases metabolism because it makes the body work harder during digestion.

Meals that flatten your belly should also contain some carbohydrates that are necessary as a source of energy. Try to minimize carbohydrate consumption during night time so you will not wake up bloated. Anyway, you don’t need much energy because you will just be sleeping. As much as possible, avoid simple carbohydrates like sugar, white rice and white bread. Replace these food choices with brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, sweet potato and other good sources of complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates digest quickly making you hungry sooner.

Ideal Food Choices & Other Tips

High fiber foods like fruits and vegetables are ideal food choices for meals that flatten your belly. Starting with a salad with light dressing can help fill you up quickly. For protein, remember that it should be lean and shouldn’t contain a lot of fat. Chicken breast, tuna, salmon and turkey are ideal food choices high in protein. When cooking, remember to take it easy on salt and other sauces as well as oil. Avoid frying foods by grilling instead. This will help you minimize the use of cooking oil and help you minimize calories from fat.

A good trick if you want to flatten your belly quickly is to eat several smaller meals a day. This will prevent bloating and keep your gut small throughout the day. Also, this will prevent hunger and help you stick to your diet.


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