Meek Mill Gifted His Love Nicki Minaj with a Ring of $500,000


How do you prove your love to your fiancé? That’s a tough question since it’s difficult to know what your lover likes. Meek Mill has done it using a $500K ginormous sparkle – a heart-shaped ring. Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill started dating some years back, but it seems things are getting serious now. Mill knows the way to Nicki’s heart, and there couldn’t have been a better way of doing it than with this fascinating heart-shaped ring. Mill apparently knew that a diamond solitaire just wouldn’t do for Nicki Minaj.

It was clear that Nicki couldn’t contain her excitement when she shared a close-up of her left hand on Instagram. “Hey, you don’t break out the ring emoji unless it is official!” she posted along with her new rock. It was an amazing manicure that she showed off. Well, some traditional girls out there might not approve, but you didn’t expect Nicki to slick on a coat of Ballet Slippers before breaking the news.

Lady Gaga Also Wearing A Similar Ring

After taking a closer look at Nicki’s engagement ring, it was apparent that it cost a fortune and was quite the bling. Shari Fabrikant, an expert jeweler of Robert Fabrikant Inc. in New York, confirmed the ring cost Mill quite much and is the trend right now. He says the ring is approximately 8 to 10 carat fancy yellow diamond. “Clearly, heart shape diamonds are the trend, as Lady Gaga is also wearing a fabulous heart shaped stone,” Shari said. We are going to see many people going for this type or ring.

Meek in Tune with Minaj’s Taste

Meek Mill Gifted Nicki Minaj

It is clear that Meek Mill is in tune with Minaj’s taste. The ring suits her, especially since the pair has been friends for years and has collaborated on “Buy A Heart,” a telling track on Nicki’s latest album, The Pinkprint.

Nicki Minaj loves to rock bright colors, sexy looks, and fun prints – and this ring fits right in with her outrageous wardrobe! Nicki’s fans now hope things will be well between the two, not to go the way of other celebs that break their engagements. Some also marry but end up divorcing only after a few years.

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