Men’s Guide to Understanding Menopause


Menopause is a woman’s problem, without a doubt. Men will never go through this change, and most women will wish that they didn’t have to. But while that’s true in a medical sense, those who are in a relationship with a woman who is going through menopause will indeed experience “The Change” in their own way. There are numerous menopause symptoms that are regularly talked about and well-known even to men, particularly irritability and mood swings that women experience as their body changes. Taking a closer look at menopause, menopause symptoms, and how it affects a woman can help men understand more about just why things are happening the way they are and help them cope with the strains that it can place on a relationship at times.

Men's Guide to Understanding Menopause

First, it’s worth reviewing what most men already know about menopause – or think they know. The big issue at hand will be the irritability and the mood swings. These are probably the two most well-known menopause symptoms and are also the ones that regularly get talked about in popular media. Along with them, most men find that their partners just aren’t as interested in sex during menopause. While all of these issues can be frustrating, it’s important to understand that it isn’t personal – it’s often out of a woman’s control.

It’s important for men to realize that women going through menopause are usually confronted by mood swings and irritability that they can’t even understand. Add to that the fact that external stress from parents, kids, and more will also occur and it becomes even more difficult for them to manage their emotions. The vast majority of women end up feeling guilty about their loss of emotional control, while some others may not even realize that it’s happening.

In terms of sex, there are issues there that are beyond their control as well. Not only will the hormonal changes often reduce sexual desire, but vaginal dryness is a common problem during menopause and will usually cause discomfort to occur during sex, which may also lead a woman to want to avoid it. Once again, even though it’s hard not to take this personally, it’s vital that men understand that it isn’t them or the way their partner feels about them.

Simply put, there’s no real way for a man to truly understand just what is going on with a woman’s mind and body as she goes through menopause. Reading books and online articles about menopause symptoms, talking to friends and hearing stories about what their relationship was like during the process, and even speaking to your partner about what they’re feeling will all help, but when you get right down to it, it’s impossible to fully understand it. The key is to try not to take it personally, to offer as much emotional support as you can during this time, and remember that eventually the body’s hormonal levels will balance out and things will be back to normal again.

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