Meryl Streep Beauty Secrets for glowing skin that one must know


Meryl Streep is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful female movie stars of all time and best actresses living today. She currently holds the record for the most Academy Awards nominations (20) and has received 30 Golden Globe Awards nominations on top of multitudes of other awards for her performance in television, film, and music.

The actress and philanthropist has been working in the industry for more than four decades already, debuting on stage on 1975 and in film on 1977. However, what’s really notable about Streep is how she manages to maintain her youthful beauty and glamour. In fact, she is one of the few actresses who are aging gracefully, looking no older than someone in her 40’s when she’s already on her late 60’s. So, what are the Meryl Streep beauty secrets behind her successful evasion of wrinkles and aging? Read on to find out!

Meryl Streep Hollywood Star

Ever since she has started in the film industry, Streep has committed to making only one film in a year, and she does a really good job at picking them. Over the years, she has played iconic roles like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, Margaret Thatcher in the Iron Lady, and Jane in It’s Complicated, one of the best romantic movies to watch. This decision allows her to balance her career, parenting roles for her three children and husband of 20 years, and her health and well-being.

Unlike Miranda Priestly, Streep believes in doing everything in moderation and slowing down every once in a while to give time for the things that matter to her.

Meryl Streep On Body Image:

Meryl also has a very positive insight into body image, unlike her character Miranda who only looks at slim, attractive girls. In one interview at Indiana University after she received an honorary doctoral degree in 2014, Streep advised young women, and even men, not to worry so much about their weight.

According to her, there are much better things to do and think about. She adds that it’s our differences and strengths that allow us to be unique and stand out, so there’s no need for everyone to try and fit a certain mold or a social idea of beauty. She admitted that Meryl Streep young once used to hate her nose, but now accepts it to be a part of her identity.

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Beauty Rules We Can All Learn From Meryl Streep

We all like learning about how to get glowing skin like celebrities. Well, aside from a positive image and a strong stand about priorities, we could learn a thing or two about the Meryl Streep health and fitness principles. Also, she generously let us in on these Meryl Streep beauty secrets:

1. Never Touch Your Face

Never Touch Your Face

Streep’s greatest beauty secret and one of the best beauty tips for face is not what you might expect. Her clear, youthful, porcelain skin is not a product of expensive potions and lotions or hours of thinking about how to select best anti-aging cream. In fact, it does not cost a penny! To maintain her radiant skin, the 68-year-old beauty told journalist Fi Glover that her natural beauty tips for face glow involve not touching her face.

According to consultant dermatologist Dr. Nicole Chiang, this is an actual way to avoid blemishes because touching your face tends to spread bacteria and cause infections, which will later lead to acne or spots.

2. Follow These Anti-Aging Secrets

Follow These Anti Aging Secrets

Streep also has a few tips and beauty secrets of celebrities over 50 on how to stay young-looking. First, she is a woman of balance, allocating much of her time to de-stress with her family despite her challenging career. She believes that controlling stress and not letting overworking yourself is a natural way to avoid aging.

Second, she takes everything in absolute moderation, which is apparent in the Meryl Streep skin care routine that involves limiting her sun exposure and alcohol intake, both of which are huge factors that hasten aging. She also exercises, enjoys facials with natural ingredients, and eats healthy foods to clear skin.

3. Opt For Natural Makeup Looks

Opt For Natural Makeup Looks

Unlike other stars who love to flaunt bright, colorful, eccentric makeups like labial lipsticks, bold eyeliners, smokey eyes, and such, Meryl Streep makeup products and style are completely different. She typically prefers ultra light, natural looks and only puts on bold makeup when really necessary. She does not mind to be known as one of the stars without makeup either.

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4. Say No To Plastic Surgeries

Say No To Plastic Surgeries

Unlike other celebrities who have turned to plastic surgery to maintain their faces and figures and true to her opinion on natural beauty, Streep has never gone under the knife. According to her, she thinks it “freezes” the face of people which is funny to her, although she still respects and understands other people’s decisions due to the social chagrin that comes with aging.

She loves every bit of her wrinkles, believing that these reflect all human life- the joy, difficulties, and moments of happiness. At her age, Streep claims that she has become comfortable with how she looks because her mindset and body are now in harmony.

5. The details behind the Meryl Streep Ketogenic Diet Plan

Meryl Streep Ketogenic Diet Plan

Unlike the usual top celebrity crash diets, Streep believes in everything natural and sustainable. After seeing the how a ketogenic diet affected her good friend Jim Abraham’s epileptic son who was relieved of seizures within days after adopting the diet, Streep decided to do the same. She also did it to help in the campaign of the Charlie Foundation, which believes in the power of a ketogenic diet against epilepsy. A ketogenic diet consists of low carbohydrate, high fat, and moderate protein intake, which is believed to have a therapeutic effect on the body.

If you often wonder about what food do celebrities eat, Streep prefers mostly organic, vegetarian diets most of her life. Meryl has also gone through other various diets. However, whatever she eats, she believes that dining with her family is what really allows her to enjoy every meal and help her stay fit and active.

6. Workout Mantras

Workout Mantras

Just like Miranda Priestly, Streep hates to stop moving or doing so at a glacial pace. In fact, she believes that she was in such a great shape for her film Mamma Mia! because she was dancing so much. She adds that moving and staying active all day long allows one to have a good meal at night. This is probably one of the worst-kept fitness secrets of Hollywood celebrities.

Although not a fan of intense, high-impact workouts, Streep does a lot of swimming. In fact, she admitted to swimming about a mile a day three to four times a week. Swimming is a low-impact whole body exercise, so it makes sense that this is enough to maintain her health. However, she insists that she does not do anything all the time and does not look at exercise in an obsessive way, which she believes is a good thing.

When she’s not swimming, she still spends time enjoying nature while walking around her house which sits near a lake or boating by herself.

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We can all learn from these highly inspirational Meryl Streep beauty secrets, beliefs, and philosophies. Just remember that simple things can be the source of real happiness and that family and health should always be prioritized overwork. The celebrity health and fitness tips given by the actress are also gold. I guess she was right when she said (as Miranda Priestly) that everyone wants to be her.


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