Mila Kunis: Surprisingly Conservative And Unfunny


Mila Kunis is Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive and this is not a surprise at all. Kunis has been in front of the TV screens since the late 90’s with the show “That 70s Show” where she really got her break. After the show ended, Kunis lay low and was then seen in the movies Black Swan and Ted. Since then, she remained to be an A-list Hollywood actress and now, grabbing this title for Esquire magazine.

How Can This Help Her Career?

Mila Kunis: Surprisingly Conservative And UnfunnyWe cannot say that Mila really needs more attention right now since her relationship with Ashton Kutcher has been well-publicized. But of course, any Hollywood attention is still attention which can help her career too. By earning the Mila Kunis Sexiest Woman Alive award, this will give her plenty of press attention for the next weeks. Her photo shoot for Esquire featuring the actress undressed will certainly sell a lot of copies and attract tons of internet attention.

Mila Kunis Sexiest Woman Alive is truly beautiful and her look is very unique. We can say that Kunis has been very smart with her career too. She has dubbed the voice in the comedy cartoon Family Guy and at the same time, played a role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. That’s not all, Kunis manages to squeeze in movies into her tight schedule. This means that everyone is going to be seeing a lot from Kunis from here on out. In fact, Kunis will be appearing in Oz: The Great And Powerful, a Disney prequel to The Wizard of Oz. This is a big-budget film and will surely make Kunis a forerunner in being one of the most in-demand Hollywood actresses; meaning more popularity and a fatter paycheck.

Surprisingly Conservative And Unfunny

At face value, Mila Kunis Sexiest Woman Alive looks like someone who likes to party a lot. She seems very funny too because most of her TV roles involve comedy. Her character in That 70s Show was hilarious and Forgetting Sarah Marshall is another funny show. It is a surprise to know that she is not a funny girl.

Kunis says that she just knows how to deliver a joke but is not really a comedian. She differentiates between people who are naturally funny and can deliver a joke anytime from those who has practiced delivering jokes.

In addition, Mila Kunis is a conservative after all, although she wasn’t in the movie Friends With Benefits. Kunis believes that being in a “friends with benefits” setup is only good in theory but fails in execution.

Mila Kunis is a Hollywood actress on the path to more stardom and success. She rightfully deserves this through being smart in picking her roles in TV shows and movies. Rightfully so, Mila Kunis is not just a pretty face, her wit is very sexy too.


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