Mineral Makeup Myths and Tutorial


Mineral makeup has been around for a while though relatively newer and allegedly safer to use than traditionally formulated makeup brands. Is mineral makeup indeed safer and better formulated than other types of makeup? Can anybody, regardless of skin type, actually use mineral makeup and not suffer from irritations or breakouts? Does it really flatter any skin type?

Experts have different opinions

Critics point out that mineral makeup can irritate skin as much as any other type of makeup. It has been claimed as well that, mineral makeup works out a coverage much like any other makeup formulation would. It has also been stressed how mineral makeup is made up pretty much of the same potentially harmful ingredients that you can find in every other makeup formulation.

In this write up, you will find the myths to using mineral makeup from the point-of-view of pro mineral makeup users who have had very good experiences in wearing mineral makeup.

Myth # 1: For full coverage and a flawless finish, wear concealer over your foundation. For a flawless finish, if you’re using a mineral concealer and a mineral foundation, it doesn’t really matter whether you put your concealer over or under your mineral foundation. Mineral products blend well to give you a smoother, glowing complexion.

What’s more important in putting on your mineral concealer and your mineral foundation is to keep in mind not to put too much of either product on your face. To make sure that you’re using just the right amount of product, put a drop of concealer at the back side of your hand, give it a nice blend with a small, thin brush and dab it on areas of your face that need coverage most, and that includes your eye area. Using the same brush, blend it in your skin.

Let the concealer set in for a few minutes. Then, use a loose mineral foundation. Dash it on the cover of the container. Get your broad brush and tap it onto the powder foundation. Give the brush a little shake to remove the excess powder then slowly work the foundation on both sides of your face with long semi-circular strokes in upward motion. Do this repeatedly until you get the same complexion. Make sure to bring down some to your neck area.

Myth # 2: Mineral make up is not for every skin type. Truth is, there are many reasons why mineral makeup may not work for everyone but, not necessarily because some skin types work best on mineral makeup while some don’t. It’s just that different people have different levels of sensitivity when it comes to certain ingredients. Some people may be allergic to certain mineral makeup components while others are not.

Still, other possible causes of allergy or irritation due to use of mineral makeup may be linked to a generally poor skincare routine or wrong application of makeup. An in any other kind of makeup, mineral makeup works its magic best when used with the right brushes, sponges and other tools.

Myth # 3: Countouring is only for young faces. Contouring is for everyone, whether you’re eighteen or in your 40s! Simply get a contouring powder in a darker shade than your foundation to create lines and shadows around your face that flatter your face and make it look younger and firmer. For older people, contouring actually works like a botox or a facelift without the painful procedures.

Young Faces

Myth # 4: You can’t substitute a good eye pencil. Eye pencil can be hard on your looks most especially when you’re working out a makeup to give you everyday effortless beauty. Reach for a bronzing powder instead and put some on your lower lids and use the same to define the folds on your upper eyelids. By using a bronzer, you are highlighting your eyes and drawing more attention on your fresh looking eyes without announcing to the world that you’re wearing an eyeliner. It’s as if there’s nothing there at all.

Myth # 5: You can’t achieve beautiful lips with mineral makeup. Say that again. Effortlessly beautiful lips can be achieved by using mineral lip gloss. All you have to do is choose a light color that’s matches your skin color perfectly. Then, simply go ahead and color your lips using the lip brush that comes with your bottle of mineral lip gloss. It’s so easy to use and reapply. Take it anywhere with you and retouch whenever you feel the need for extra color or extra moisture on your lips.

Mineral Makeup


When it comes to makeup, your skin will exhibit varying sensitivities to different types of products. As was before, and even with mineral makeup, you’ll have to seek which products out in the market will suit your skin best. Makeup behave differently depending on the user’s skin. So, if mineral makeup works well for your best friend or your mom, it may not necessarily mean that mineral makeup will work well for you too.

You’ll never know if mineral makeup is right for you if you don’t try one today.


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