Mini Makeover By Kylie Jenner To Her Mom


Kylie Jenner, the youngest lady among the Kardashians, and the younger sister of 20-year old all-American Supermodel Kendall Jenner, is crazy over makeup – and, not just wearing it, she has actually just launched her lip line. Kylie’s lip kit was sold out in weeks! The celebrity who is rapidly turning out to be a talented makeup artist promises to launch more uniquely formulated artisan cosmetics in the future.

Kylie has given her gorgeous mom, Kris, a makeover in her recent posts on Snapchats just recently. The video shows the mother and daughter tandem having a private and fun glam time. Kylie was in an all black shirt and jeans, and was sporting a black cap and a green wig! She was totally in character as a professional makeup artist. Already, critics are seeing Kylie’s bright future in the cosmetics industry. Expectations are high and Kylie is completely up for it.

The 18-year old Kylie has had early entrepreneurial collaborations with her older sisters and is already making a name for herself as a name to watch out for in the cosmetics industry.

The young Kylie posted another Snapchat of her and best friend, Anastasia Karanikolau, giving Kylie’s personal assistant, Victoria, an extreme makeover session that left her assistant gagging with her newfound and exquisitely gorgeous self.

In both makeover posts, Kylie shares many of her secrets in making makeup work to bring out the best rather than the ridiculous side of its wearer – which only a talented and natural makeup artist like Kylie can do and can generously share to the rest of us who struggle with our palettes and brushes every time we need to get makeup on. Cheers to Kylie!

So, based on these glam Kylie videos, find out below how you can get smashingly rockin’ hot like Kylie. With the right products and a little know how, you can find yourself enjoying putting on makeup more than you’re struggling like you never did before.

Below are some Kylie Jenner tips to get your makeup skills up to speed:

Generous Amount of Moisturizer

Step 1: Kylie applied a generous amount of moisturizer to prep her subjects’ skin for makeup. Apply your moisturizer in upwards, circular motion and massage gently into skin. This helps your moisturizer seep deeply into skin. Wait for a few minutes to let your moisturizer be fully absorbed by your skin before beginning to put on makeup.

Step 2: Next, Kylie put on a foundation all over the face of her mom and assistant. First thing to take note of when choosing the right foundation is to check the formulation. If your skin is normal to dry, creamy foundations will work for you. Even then, choose creamy foundations that are thinly formulated so that it blends easily with your skin. If you have oily skin, powder based foundation should work best for you.

Apply foundation on your face in small blots using a thin brush or using your bare fingers. Pick up a wet sponge and slowly and gently blend in with skin using short, upwards and circular strokes.

Avoid making your wrinkles and creases show. Don’t use your foundation to cover up signs of skin aging. Leave those worries to the concealer.

Step 3: Kylie works in the concealer. Once the foundation seems well blended in, swiftly apply the concealer around the eye area and other parts of the face that need some optical corrections to improve appearance – that’s where your wrinkles and dark spots show. Blend in with a wet sponge. Don’t wait for the foundation to completely dry down and settle on skin so you have some time to blend the foundation and concealer together so as to avoid lines from showing up on your skin.

Step 4: Kylie puts on an orangy eye shadow. Orange instantly enlivens any look. You can think of orange as the cross between nude and edgy – orange gives you a little bit of both that is, a little bit of class and an equal bit of rock.

Step 5: Kylie uses an eyebrow pencil to fill in the brows. The days of single, thin lined, Barbie doll eyebrows are gone and way forgotten in the past. Time to go back to your soft tipped eyebrow pencils and re-master the art of drawing your eyebrows using small hairlike strokes!

False Eyelashes

Step 6: Kylie finishes the look with just the perfect length and thickness of false eyelashes. What better way to flatter your eyes than with a good set of eyelashes. These things work better than a mascara which, more often than not, leave your lashes feeling stiff and dry, and actually lumps up and becomes powdery over time. Mascaras can be messy while false eyelashes, you can leave them hanging in there and not worry for a moment – just make sure you glue them up well!

Step 7: Kylie never misses out on a good lip tint. Kylie’s lip kit consists of nudes in browns and peaches and oranges. Nude is the current trend in makeup. Sport your pout with natural looking lip color.


Kylie’s style is definitely inclined on less is more. Make your makeup look more natural with these 7 simple tips shared by Kylie Jenner herself!


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