Mirrored Manicures Are the Latest Nail Art Craze You Should Try


What better way to catch attention and shine in the middle of a crowd than to really shine! Just when you thought you’ve tried out of nail art and nail color, another nail trend that’s capturing the imagination and fashion sense of many are mirrored manicures. What are they? Well, this nail trend literally leaves your nails so shiny that you can see your reflection on them – and, no, you don’t need to try hard to make out your image at all!

9 Ways to wear this mirrored manicure trend

Can’t wait to wear mirrored nails? Here are 9 unique ways for you to start wearing this trend.

1. Silver and Gold Nail Foil. People are so creative, that even before the nail lacquer manufacturers have come up with overly shiny nails, many have already found a way to wear the shiny trend. How? By wearing them foils with adhesives, of course! Foils are easily available at the bookstore nearest you. Heck, you can even find a full roll at the grocery store. But, if you want to keep things easy on yourself, there are adhesive nail foils already widely available from your beauty shop, Amazon and eBay – and they’re available in almost every shiny foil color you can think of. Simply cut just enough of the nail foil to cover your nails, and then cut off the excess using your filing brush. Press down tight and blow dry to keep them foils on!

2. Plain Silver Polish. Apply in two up to three coats of this silver wonder, and you’ll surely capture all the brightness around you and reflect it back with fury! Don’t forget to seal in the silver with top coat as chipped nails in silver can be pretty quite obvious.

3. Silver on Black Polish. A slight variation of Item 2, using black as a base coat and topping with silver lacquer definitely adds depth and character to your nails. You’ll definitely find this more interesting than simply sporting straight-out silver.

Silver on Black Polish

4. Metallic Tips. Okay. So you love your color and you’ll love to try on mirrored nails. Who said you ever had to compromise? Use your go-to color as base and use the silver or gold mirror lacquer to color your tips -modern French tips, and you were the first to spot it and make it hot. This trick works wonders on dark colored base coats as they create the best contrast against the shiny tips.

5. Mirror and Stone Marbling. Aah! Perhaps the most interesting of all! A fusion of this season’s hottest nail trends, the marble stone and the mirrored nails. Simply start by double coating your nails in the stone color of your choice. Pick up a clean makeup or kitchen sponge and dab it in isopropyl alcohol. Once you’re happy with the look, start drawing the veins using your silver mirrored lacquer. End with a top coat to lock in your design.

6. Matte Nails and Mirrored Tips and Moons. Matte nails, most especially in black matte, are sooo sexy. Make them even more irresistible by wearing a mirrored black lacquer to color your tips. You may also use silver or gold mirrored lacquers if you so choose to. As a variation, use the mirrored lacquers to color your moons, or your cuticle lines. The result is just as amazingly fresh and different.

7. Shattered Glass Mirror Nails. Double coat your nails in silver or black mirrored lacquers. Use a black lacquer to draw uneven and random geometric lines and patterns. End with a top coat.

Shattered Glass Mirror Nails

8. Fake, Glue On Embossed Mirrored Nails. If plain mirrored nails just does not cut it for your taste, you can always glue on fake, embossed nails. Get that flattering, unique nail imprint without spending too much dollar and time drawing up a design for your nails. Get a uniformly designed embossed, shiny look – just glue it on, dear.

9. Mirrored Accents. If you only want to wear these new mirrored lacquers as accents to your go-to color polish and designs, do so by all means please! A simple way is by coating your nails with regular lacquers, and using the mirrored lacquers to draw horizontal or vertical stripes, or polka dots, and whatever design of your choosing (it can even be the undeniable head and ears of Mickey Mouse, if you want to or, an image of BB8). If you will be drawing distinct images using your mirrored lacquers, the trick works best with a dark base coat because the contrast increases the visibility of your mirrored polish designs.


There is frankly nothing that’s too challenging about wearing mirrored nail lacquers that can be reason enough to stop you from putting on this season’s most brilliant nail trends. If you just follow one tip every week above, all 9 ways should get you through every week of Summer – and you, on the other hand, can look forward to a fashionable take on your mirrored nails every week of this year’s hottest season. So, don’t be afraid to be hot in mirrored nails, because this trend completely complements you, Gorgeous!


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