3 Mistakes in Your So-called ‘Healthy’ Diet


Okay, so you’ve been punishing yourself for the last couple of weeks or months with a certain type of diet. Your goal is to lose weight as fast as possible. However, your weight is not budging and you just want to give up. There is only one solution to this problem. You have to take a look at your diet program and look for mistakes in your ‘healthy’ diet . Diet is the most important part of any weight loss program. Even if you exercise for two or more hours a day, if your diet is not correct you will still not lose weight.

Indulging in So-called ‘Healthy’ Food

Mistakes In Healthy Diet

Sugar-free, fat-free, low-sugar, organic, baked and so on… You should be aware that these foods still have calories. In fact, studies indicate that because people think these foods are healthy, they tend to eat more resulting to more calories consumed compared to consumption of ‘normal’ food. This is probably at the top when it comes to mistakes in your ‘healthy’ diet . Always check the nutritional information for specifics. Protein bars and other meal replacement bars are usually filled with sugar to make it taste better.

Fear of Fat

Some people almost eliminate fat in their diet. This means that you’re missing out on good fats and other types of fat that can help you lose weight quicker. Remember that you need a certain amount of fat in your diet for normal body function. Add foods high in healthy fat to your diet such as nuts, seeds, beans, grains and avocados. Remember that moderation is the key to healthy eating.

Crash Diets

You’ve heard of these: the grapefruit diet, the soup diet, the lemon colon-cleanse diet and so on. These diets claim to lose 10 or more pounds a week. The truth is that if you follow the diet correctly you will really lose a lot of weight quickly. However, most of the weight you lose is just water weight because of dehydration. Following crash or fad diets is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to mistakes in your ‘healthy’ diet.


You have to accept that the key to a successful diet and weight loss program is self-discipline. You also have to accept that there is no quick solution. Remember that you gained those excess pounds in a few months or years so you can’t lose it quickly. Just avoid these common mistakes in your ‘healthy’ diet and you will lose that excess weight.


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