The Two Most Effective Celebrity Workout Secrets


Celebrities usually have a tighter schedule compared to normal people. This is the reason why they need to have high-quality workouts that save time yet has the same benefits as regular workouts. This can be done by incorporating proven celebrity workout secrets in their exercise programs. Here are two of the most effective celebrity workout secrets today:

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Circuit Training

Circuit training is the best way to burn fat. It combines strength training with cardiovascular exercise. This is surely the best out of all the celebrity workout secrets out there. Jessica Biel, Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum are only some of the women who use circuit training to have a sexy body.

Circuit training when done correctly significantly increases the heart rate so it is already a cardiovascular workout with the usual health benefits. It also burns a high number of calories in a small time period.
Since circuit training is made up of weight training exercises, it also increases the metabolism considerably up to 48 hours after a workout. This equates to faster fat loss. Circuit training is performing weight training exercises
for different muscle groups one after another with little or no rest in between.
Cercuit Exercise

Weights after Cardio

Most celebrities are now including weight training in their workout programs. Even female celebrities claim that this is one of the best celebrity workout secrets that can burn fat quickly. According to experts, weight training may burn more calories than regular cardiovascular exercise like jogging because it considerably increases metabolism up to two days after a workout.

Additionally, weight training depletes glycogen stores so when cardiovascular is done after lifting weights, the body makes use of fat stores as a source of energy. Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry and Madonna are only some of the celebrities that make use of this method for keeping their sexy figures.

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