The Most Shocking 2016 Hair Trend, Polished Hair is in for 2016


From faking imperfection and the ‘just woke up’ look, 2016 will be all about sleek, shiny, straight hair not a single strand out of place. That’s exactly the hair theme that’s been walking down the runway! That means, ladies, you may have to spend a little bit more time having to do your hair err, not!

Carefully put together, no frizz hair shouldn’t be difficult to put together if you have the right tips to work on and get you started. But, first, you need to know what kind of polished look suits you best, and there’s no other way to do that than to find time to experiment on your 2016 sleek look.

From straight out hair that let’s the full length fall over the shoulders or tightly tucked at the back, to asymmetrically clipped or braided hairstyles, there’s just one thing to describe this look – it’s posh!

Posh look

You got that right! Posh Spice spruced up the polished, pulled together look at the runway of the Victoria Beckham Spring 2016 fashion show. Carefully tucked behind the ears and hair freely let down, not a single strand of hair was out of place at the crown but, the models caught traces of waves on the tips.

To get this posh look:

Posh look Hair
  • Make a low back pony and tie up your hair in a tight bun.
  • Leave your hair this way for at least 15 minutes or until you get your top crown and your makeup done.
  • Before taking off your bun, take a fine toothed combed and pritz it with a gloss finish hairspray. Upon releasing your hair, run the comb from hair on your forehead and comb down for until your ear level.
  • Use hair serum or cream mousse to keep the curls at the tips of your hair in place and free from frizz.

Sleek, glam ‘dos

Sleek Glam Look

For other ways to sport a polished, frizz free look, try these great, flattering and yet time saving ideas:

1. Deep waves look. This trick is perfect for those with hair that is about chest length. Take a comb and run it through your hair to straighten it out. Partition your hair at the center and let both sides fall on either side of your shoulders. Take a heat protective spray and spritz it on your hair. Using a hair iron curlers with a thick diameter, make big, horizontal curls. About three inches below your top curl, do the same again. Repeat the same for the other side. You should get around three to four horizontal curls on both sides for a chest-length hair.

2. Sleek pony. What easier way to do your hair when you’re trying to beat the clock than a pony! Spray a fine toothed comb with hairspray. Run through your hair from roots to tips. Do the same steps section by section, always spritzing hairspray on your comb every time. Pull up your hair in a pony. For some, a slightly higher pony works best, while for others, either a mid or a low pony is more flattering.

3. Sleek pony with a twist. Do the same as in hairstyle no. 2 above, only this time, curl your pony. Use a hair iron curler with a thickness of your choice. top your crown with glossy finish hairspray by spritzing it on a fine toother comb and running it through your top once again. End your curls with a hair serum or cream mousse to keep them bouncy.

4. Spring goddess look. This hairstyle is perfect if you have ear length hair. Using the runway of Diane Von Furstenberg as an inspiration, take one or two floral clips of your choice. Run a hairsprayed fine toother comb section by section over the full length of your hair. Divide your hair asymmetrically, with one side dramatically higher than the other.

Next, spray hair with a heat protective spray. Leaving about three inches of hair from your roots straight, curl the rest of your hair down to the roots. Fine, short diametered hair curlers work best for this hairstyle. Do the same for both sides. Put your floral clip on the thinner side and let the other side bounce with your soft, fine curls.

5. Veronica Waves look. Inspired by Veronica Lake, rock Old Hollywood in this glam do’! First up, divide your hair asymmetrically with one side dramatically higher than the other. Next, tie up your hair, leaving a thin section at the base to start with your style. Next, take a fine toothed comb and run it through a small section of your hair. Using a small diameter hair curler, coil your hair from root to tips around the hot rod. Hold it steady for a few minutes then release slowly. Repeat the same steps section by section until you reach the top of your crown. Let hair cool for a few minutes. Once cool, use a broad, soft bristled brush to gently loosen up the curls. Let the style hold with a spritz of hairspray.


Be glamorous this 2016, with these no sweat tips to get the polished hair trend this season.


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