6 Moves that Kendall Jenner Does To Transform Her Body


Most people still think that genes are the only secret recipe to being beautiful and sexy. If we’re living in the age of cavemen, yes, sure, that can be a sound explanation but, we’re not. Certainly, when Kendall Jenner walked down the Paris runway of Victoria’s Secret on Monday, there were more things going on in that drop dead gorgeous bikini body she flaunted!

How did She do That?

Who better to tell all of us that the famed trainer of the stars, Gunnar Peterson. He has worked the sexy bodies of Angelina Jolie, Sofia Vergara and Khloe Kardashian before getting on strict, almost daily workouts with Kendall in preparation for the VS fashion show. This is what Kendall did to get into a smashing physique, according to Peterson:

1. Squats


It’s one of the best ways to target stubborn fat storages in women that commonly show up on the thighs. To perform this, stand with feet slightly apart. Bend your knees and move up and down without fully stretching your legs nor completely bending your knees. Keep your hands to crossed on your chest or up in front of you as you do so.

2. Dead-lifts

Dead Lifts

Using a barbel, begin by standing with feet apart. Bend forward without folding your knees and with your back straight. Reach for the barbel. Stand as your keep the barbel and your arms down. Bend forward and let the barbel drop without touching the floor. Pull back up. Repeat several times.

3. Pull-ups

Pull ups

There are several varieties you can choose from but this move can hardly be learned without assistance, at least for the first few sessions. It requires you to pull up your body weight with just your hands and arms for support. It targets to improve the flabbiness of the arms as well as strengthens your core and upper body.

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4. Lunges


Another weight training movement which almost always gets recommended on any woman’s training program are lunges. To do this, position one leg forward and the other back. Bend both knees at the same time so that your legs form right angles. Then, switch. Keep repeating several times.

5. Rows


This move strengthens your arms and your back. Hold a dumbbell on one arm as the opposite knee is bent and rested on a bench. Keep the up and down movement of the dumbbell close to your body. Switch.

6. High Intensity Bouts of Cardio

High Intensity Bouts of Cardio

It’s much more effective than spending two hours on a treadmill or stair master on the same speed. Some ways to do this is to sprint then complete rest or, jumping jacks then push up then back.


Discipline is the core requirement of a fit and sexy bod. That means you eat right, sleep well and workout regularly. That also means you must start tomorrow, not in January.

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