7 Must-Have Shoes in Every Woman’s Closet – Get Ready for Any Occasion


Shoes are as much a part of any woman’s wardrobe as any clothing she owns. A look can never be complete without matching shoes. The women who appreciate how important shoes are know exactly what pieces to invest in, and for you to be a certified fashonista, you ought to know what they’ve always known right now.

What Shoes to Invest on

There are shoes you choose to own to keep abreast with the trends. Yet, there are 7 kinds of shoes you must own and maintain because you will always find use and need for them.

1. Closed toe Heels in Nude

Closed toe heels in Nude

Any shoe in nude color is a great match for any piece or set of clothing you own. It even goes perfectly well with black garments. Nude colors have give off that extra feel of flare and fab while exuding classy elegance and timeless style. Whether you spend most of your time working in the office or out chasing clients, closed toe heels are a great go-to pair of footwear.

2. Black ankle-strapped Sandals: If there was one other pair of shoes you’re going to want to invest in, it’s these. They’re chic and sexy whether they’re worn for formal or casual affairs, whether to match a dress or a pair of pants. These can be worn for just about any outfit you can put together.

3. Ankle Boots

Ankle boot

Best in black, tan or maroon, ankle boots instantly give you a model-like feel and an instantly confident air of panache. With the right outfit, this pair can almost certainly turn the heads of strangers and make them wonder, “Who was that celebrity?” It will make you blush to realize that they will never know that you’re just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary knack for fashion and style.

4. Flat, Closed Shoes or Mules: For those days when you just need to be comfy and to move more rapidly, fat closed shoes are the ultimate must-haves for ultimate streetwise convenience.

5. Satin Evening Shoes

Satin Evening Shoes

You can think of this pair as the “‘Oh, so feminine’ duo”. Wear it with your maong pants, slacks, casual dress, office clothing or, and a formal evening dresses. Get the same comfort and Perfect 10 style score every time with satin evening shoes.

6. Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals

Whether they’re a plain sandal pairing, flipflops, studded jelly sandals or, wedged gladiators, you’ll always find good use for flat sandals, particularly when you’re looking for more outdoor activities.

7. Running shoes: Men will always have this pair but, so too do women. How can you keep your mind, body and spirit young and in tiptop shape if you neglectrunning or, exercising in general?


Rather than buying any random pair or investing on shoes that you will only be able to use for just one occasion, choose to buy these seven kinds first. You will find out soon enough that, all this time, all you needed was just 7 pairs of shoes in your show rack.


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