5 Trendier Nail Art Ideas to Try This Holiday in the Winter Season


It’s the time of the year to be merry and jolly and springy. Winter just happens to be the time we celebrate back-to-back Holidays and festivities. The merrymaking and the heartwarming get-together’s are a perfect time to showcase a little bit more Holiday inspiration by giving your nails a touch of what this joyous season has to offer.

Top 5 Holiday-Inspired Nail Art Ideas

Looking for a trendier, holiday themed ideas to style your nails? Go from stars to flakes, sugar to spice, and everything nice with these top 5 unique and beautiful ideas to dress up your nails for the Holidays:

1. Clean, Simple and Festive Polka Dots

Festive Polka Dots

Start by painting your nails taffeta white. Using your slim brush or stick, drop round-shaped green and red lacquers in various sizes all around each fingernail. Don’t forget to seal with your colorless topcoat.

2. Blue Nativity Star
Color your nails with a pale pink or colorless lacquer. Create a gradient of royal blue and white lacquers towards the tip of your fingernails. Leave the bottom edges uneven. Next, take your silver glitters and put some to line the bottom part of your colored tips. Then, using your white lacquer and slim brush, draw the nativity star over the darker portions of your gradient. Repeat the same, this time drawing the star in different sizes, over the bottom part of your fingernails.

3. Red, Elegant and Chic Holidays

Chic Holidays

Color your nails deep red. Then, pick up your nail glitter powder and spread on the red nail polish, covering most of the top half of your fingernails but also deliberately allowing some of the specks to set on the lower half of your nails. You can alternate your nail colors with a metallic gold lacquer if desired.

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3. Shape Glitters

Shape Glitters

Another simple, no sweat and quick way to incorporate holiday symbols into your nail art is by getting those shape glitters. Choose the ones that are shaped like stars or snow flakes. Simply paint your nails in cheerful holiday colors like green, red or blue but white and black will also be amazing for this nail art idea. After you’re done painting, drop a few specks of your shaped glitter using your tweezer or thong to place each piece carefully on your nails.

4. Black, White and Gold

Black-White and Gold

Still lovin’ your matte lacquer? Then, simply paint your nails in matte black. Then, using your slim brushes and sticks, paint snowflakes or any other Christmas symbol that you prefer on your nails. Use metallic silver and metallic gold to paint your symbols for that full holiday effect.

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It’s highly advisable that you take part in the festive moods of the Holidays in every possible way that you can. It’s a great way to connect with the community and nail art is also a fun way to de-stress and allow the more creative part of your brain to take over.

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