Nail Art Printer: A Girl’s Gateway To The Tech World


Wouldn’t it be cool to have art on you and carry it around all day — on your nails? Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could get your nails done in seconds and change your nail design day after day?

The nail art printer has made just that possible!

Nails, girls, and tech: How do they link?

The first nail art machine invented that uses a smart phone, Nailbot, has made instant wonderful art designs printed on girls’ and women’s nails. It even allows users to design their own patterns with the aid of an app that comes with the nail art machine. Now, isn’t that something interesting?

That was exactly what the company, Preemadonna, wanted Nailbot to attract: interest, most especially those of young girls. Preemadonna is a company founded and headquartered in California. Co-founders Pree Walia and Casey Schulz had more than just beauty in mind when they invented the Nailbot. Pree and Casey noticed that the tech world remains to be dominated by men, and they hope that the Nailbot, being fun and interesting, will drive more girls to be more inclined to technology and hopefully take on tech jobs in the future.

Pree comes from a tech, business and political backgrounds, and is a certified volunteer domestic violence counselor. Casey, on the other hand, is a Mechanical Engineer who has worked at NASA Ames and other high tech companies. Both hope that the nail art printer is just the start of it. According to an interview with Pree and the NPR (National Public Radio), she hopes to raise the level of their products to even perhaps include a device that would offer a new way to detect breast cancer.

There are a number of portable nail art printers available ranging anywhere between US$100 to US$2,500. In the long run, the price of one nail art machine is cheaper than getting nail art done on you for US$5 per nail, which you’ll have to ask to be redone weekly to maintain it.

Nail art tips

Nail art tips

If you haven’t stashed your own nail art machine and are not willing to pay US$5 per nail to have nail art done on you, these shouldn’t deter you from turning your fingernails into works of art!

Follow the quick tips below to get neat and trendy patterns on your nails.

1. Line the sides of your fingers with white glue so that you can easily peel off any misses after you’ve painted your nails.

2. Apply one coat of colorless paint on each nail before applying color.

3. Nail art works best when you use white, black and other dark colors as your primary color. Then, use a contrasting color for your designs. Most colors will pop out on white, while gold as your design color will work wonders for either white or dark color bases.

4. If you’re planning to hand design your nails, use nail art brushes which are readily available from beauty bars and drugstores. If you don’t have any that are readily available, use your slim-tipped makeup brush, just make sure it’s clear of makeup before using it to polish your nails.

5. For easy drying, use quick dry or, dip your fingernails in ice cold water.

Design ideas to beautify your nails

It can be generally difficult to give your nails a much deserved pampering—if you don’t know how to. Read on to learn about simple tricks to make your nail art look like they’ve been professionally handcrafted.

  • Half-moon design: Use those doughnut shaped stickers and stick them to the base of each finger. Paint on the top half. This will leave a half-moon shape at the base of your fingers. Finish with a colorless paint.
  • Marble design: Paint your nails with a base coat. Get a cup filled with water. Pour in drops of two colors in it and give it a little twirl on top with a pen. Dip your each of your nails in so that the marbled colors stick on each. Finish with a colorless paint.
  • Design ideas to beautify your nails
  • Glitter bling: Paint your nails with a base coat. Choose a glitter color and spread lightly on each nail. Dry completely before topping with colorless paint.
  • Teeny weeny polka dots: Start with a base coat. Choose your design color. Take out your nail art brushes and use it to draw small circles or, circles of different sizes on your nails.
  • Color block design: Make a gradient or use contrasting colors (works well with black and white) by splitting each nail into two. You can draw a curved line horizontally or vertically using your pointed nail art brush and one of the two colors you have selected. Apply your color choices, one on each side of your nails. Finish with a colorless paint.


Art is refreshing, and it’s good to have it on your nails. It allows for some freedom of expression and, with the invention of smartphone-aided nail art machines, nail painting can even inspire an entire young generation of girls to drive the future of technology. Be one of the first to reap the benefits of this unique fusion of beauty and technology!


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