5 Ways to Nail Proof Sweat Makeup Look: Top Tips you Should Consider


Nail proofing sweat has become an interesting topic over the year for every woman. Attaining a sweat free makeup look for a day especially in summer, when attending a dance party or travelling to the coast and enjoying the beach side is now possible. Your makeup remains perfectly intact, flawless and glowing during the day and sexy smoky eyed in the evening.

There are several ways to nail proof sweat and make sure the makeup does not fade or run on your face due to sweat. These steps include:

1. Moisturizers

Moisturizers should be avoided

Moisturizers should be avoided at all costs. This may however cause skin breakage due to the excess heat and therefore a light application is advised. Apply moisturizers that are light and avoid any that are heavy. The heavy the moisturizerapplied, the more you sweat. Foundations and concealers are also lightly applied and the coverage should be light. Concealers should correspond to the applied foundation to ensure flawless and seamless skin tone and complexion.

2. Primer

Primers are applied before application of the foundation. They are used to hold the foundation ensuring that it does not run out or slide after sweating. This is especially important if you decide on putting on makeup that is waterproof. Prime your whole face including the eyes especially if holding on to the eye shadow applied.

3. Waterproof Eye Makeup

Waterproof Eye Makeup

The eyes are the center of a woman beauty if well accentuated. Summer time or heat may lead to eye makeup that is drippy after a moment’s application. To avoid this, use water proof eye makeup.It is advisable to use liquid eyeliners than eye pencils to prevent running eye makeup.

4. Finish Powder

Powder is an important element in your makeup kit. It absorbs oil produced by the skin, creates a smooth feel of your skin texture and holds any applied makeup in place. Powders can be reapplied with time i.e. if excess oil is detected during the day and emergency makeup solution is required, powder is the easiest solution all the other way round. Too much powder is not advisable as they may exaggerate wrinkles and other facial lines. In this case blotting papers are applicable and ready for use.

5. Cool of Time

After Shower Makeup Avoid

Do not apply makeup immediately after having a shower. Allow your skin to cool off and dry. Warm skin absorbs the makeup applied quickly which may result in dry looks moments later. Start your makeup routine once the skin has well dried and is cool. Reduce the amount of makeup applied to. Use only the makeup essentials you require for a hot day out: foundation and a concealer for evening your skin tone and complexion, blush for freshening the skin, bronzer to accentuate the chin, cheeks and the nose and finish off with a light powder.


Applying makeup is an easy process or procedure. Making sure that the makeup does not run due to sweat is difficulty but can be achieved with time. Makeup is hard to maintain during hot days especially in summer. The tips given are designed to assist you in achieving the look that you desire in the summer and at the same time protecting your skin against the sun rays and excess heat.

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