Nailbot: Smartphone Nail Art Printer for Lazy Girls!


Whoever thought that your smartphone can become the newest addition to your beauty tools? Pree Walia and Casey Schulz who founded Preemadonna have rolled up IT and beauty into one — Welcome the Lacey Nailbot!

What Exactly is the Nailbot and What Does it do?

Nailbot is a nail art printer that turns your usual manicure into a magnificent work of art. If you love nail art but are not willing to pay at least $50 weekly to get a nail refresh then, Nailbot is the way to go.

We have seen a number of Nailbots in the market in the past, with costs ranging from as low as US$100 to as much as US$2,500. None of have utilized the smartphone, not before the Lacey Nailbot was released in 2015, that is!

Nailbots Art

The Lacey Nailbot uses several advanced technologies, including machine and computer vision, and iphone camera to deliver one-of-a-kind nail art in an instant. It is the first nail art printer that comes with a smartphone application that lets you design your own nail art, and share the same on social media!

The Lacey Nailbot which is making waves on pop culture is available online and in stores for the very inexpensive price of $199. You’ll have to check back on the product’s website, however, as the initial stocks have run out.

How Does the Nailbot Work?

If you are a nail art person then, you probably don’t mind spending half of the day just making up and painting your nails. Well, that is one of the major advantages that the Lacey Nailbot can give you!

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Once you get hold of the printer, download the application to your smartphone. Select a design or, customize your own. You can create all sorts of designs and even use a photo you’ve taken to paint on your nails.

Paint on your Nails

Manually prime your nails with white nail lacquer. Let dry for a few minutes. Place your smartphone on the cradle and your set your hand into place. Click ‘print’ and voila! Amazing, no sweat nail art in just under 5 seconds per fingernail!

To make your designs last longer, seal your art with a colorless lacquer. Ready to share your art on your social media apps? All you need is to take a photo and click ‘share’.

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The nailbot in general is such a helpful way we can all embrace nail art without the usual hassle. The Lacey Nailbot specifically fits our techie lifestyle. And, you will be happy to note that its founders want nailbot to be more than just a beauty tool. They invented it to encourage young girls to love science and technology and hopefully pursue careers in these fields. Pree is a certified counselor for domestic violence, while Casey worked at NASA Ames as a Mechanical Engineer.

Preemadonna is also linking up with various social causes for young girls to implement IT education and skills development. The nailbot truly has become to stand for more than just vanity. You should be proud to wear it on your nails.

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