Everything You Need to know for the Natural Beachy Waves this summer


Beach-bod ready? Check! Bikinis, sunscreen, lip balm and sun glasses in your bag? Check! What the fuss is going on with your hair? Laughs.

It’s the perfect sunny, beach side weather to go out and play but, if it seems your hair is too lazy or too limp for a walk on the sand, here are five steps you can do to get your hair up and about with the most enviable wavy curls on your side of the shore.

5-Step process to get your Hair beach ready

To begin with, natural beachy waves are only possible to get on layered hair. So, if you do not already have layered hair, you should first get your hair styled so that you can get this wavy hair DYI right.

Here are your 5 steps:

Blow dry your hair

Step 1: Blow dry your hair in cool setting. This step is only necessary when you’re curling from a fresh wash. Leave it a little bit moist for an easier curl. Otherwise, your hair is fine and good to go straight to Step 2.

Step 2: Prep your strands for some laid back curling with a hair spray. Starting off with hairspray gets your strands ready to hold the style. For those with thicker, softer strands which can be more stubborn to curl, get hold of strong or extra strong hold hairspray.

Step 3: Divide your hair into three or four vertical sections. Clip the top 3 sections and leave the bottom part hanging.

barrelled Curling Hair

Step 4: Take a large or medium-barrelled curling iron. Take a few hair strands and wrap it once or twice on the iron depending on your hair length, and just slide the iron up and down for a softer, more natural curl. Do this repeatedly until all your hair from the bottom section to the top are curled. Let your hair cool down.

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Step 5: Give your top section a little tiss. You can do this before curling each smaller clamp of hair in your top section or, after you’ve curled the entire top section of your hair. Then, run your fingers over your hair to give it a more natural finish.

Volumizing Hairs

Step 6: Give your curls a lift and more volume. Put on some more volumizing hairspray. Take a dry shampoo and spray it on your roots just to give your curls an anti-freeze and lifting effect. Get the sea breeze into your hair way before you hit the beach by spraying on sea salt spray.

If you’re not quite comfortable using an iron curler or, if you don’t have any available, give your hair a quick, fine braid and wear it overnight or several hours before you intend on wearing a beachy wavy hair. Wear hairspray while doing so and apply some more after you unbraid your hair.

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There’s nothing complicated at all in getting those natural beach-y curls. So why aren’t you sporting one already?

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