3 Natural Secrets: Diy Recipes For Beautiful Red Lipstick


Women have always worn lipstick in order to bring out their lips and also as a form of fashion statement. Red lipstick is a sign of elegance, especially when worn in combination with fine clothing. However, many of the red lipsticks that are available nowadays are created with a wide range of chemical substances. You might not be aware of this but, in reality, these substances are quite harmful for the lips and the body in general.

Some of the most common harmful substances that are used for the making of lipstick include lead, aluminum and cadmium. As some of the lipstick worn on the lips is always ingested, imagine how much harm these substances are actually causing. So, what is the solution? Well, you might be happy to know that it is possible to make your own red lipstick at home. As you will have the opportunity to read below, you can make lipstick out of basic ingredients. So, keep on reading, in order to discover three all-natural, DIY recipes for beautiful red lipstick.

#1 Standard Lipstick

The great thing about this standard recipe is that it is not difficult to make. Moreover, you can modify the given quantities, in order to create a more or less intense color (you can even change the color if you want). As for the ingredients that you will actually require, these are: coconut oil (1 tsp.), cocoa butter (1 tsp.), beeswax pastilles (1 tsp.), essential oil (1 drop), red food coloring (1 drop), organic cocoa powder (1/4 tsp.). In the situation that you do not have organic cocoa powder, you can use cinnamon or turmeric instead.

In order to prepare the lipstick, you can start by melting the beeswax, together with the cocoa butter and coconut oil. The best way to melt these is by placing them into a jar and keeping it over simmering water. Once these are melted, you should remove it from the heat, adding the desired colors and scents. Mix until all of the ingredients are well combined. When you are done, transfer the lipstick into a glass container. Always store the lipstick in a place that is both cool and dry.

#2 Lipstick With Red Beet

Lipstick With Red Beet

Red beet is often used for coloring different foods or even textile products, so it kind of makes sense to be used for the making of a lipstick as well. If you are looking to make a lipstick that has an intensely red color, this is the ideal recipe for you. The ingredients required for this recipe include: sunflower oil (1 tbsp.), dried beet root (to personal preference) and beeswax (1 tbsp.).

In order to prepare this lipstick recipe, you will have to begin by melting the sunflower oil, together with the beeswax. The melting process can be easily completed with the help of the microwave (just make sure you use a double boiler). Then, take the dried beet root and grate it finely. When done, add as much as you desire to the melted sunflower oil & beeswax mixture. The more you add, the more intense the red color of the lipstick is going to be. Mix until everything is well combined, then transfer the mixture into a container made of glass.

#3 Moisturizing lipstick

Olive Oil for Moisturizing lips

Apart from the intense red color, there is one more thing that we are interested in obtaining from a lipstick and that is the moisturizing effect. If you are looking to make a lipstick that has hydrating properties at the same time, this recipe is ideal for you. These are the ingredients that you are going to require for the making of the moisturizing lipstick: beeswax beads (1 tsp.), olive oil (3 tsp.), essential oil (1/8 tsp.), red food coloring (1-2 drops). When it comes to the essential oil, you can choose from either of these three varieties: lavender, cinnamon or peppermint (these are going to give the scent of the lipstick). As for the red food coloring, the more you add, the more intense the color of the lipstick is going to be.

In order to prepare this moisturizing lipstick, you will have to start by melting the beeswax, together with the olive oil (over low heat). Once they have melted, you should remove them from the heat and allow to cool down. When the temperature has gone down, all you have to do is add the essential oil. Mix well to combine, then transfer the resulting mixture into a glass container.

These are three of the natural recipes that you can use in order to create a beautiful and healthy red lipstick. When everyone will ask you from where you got that amazing lipstick, you will be able to tell them that you have made it yourself. Imagine the surprise!


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