Natural Makeup Trend for Spring/Summer 2011


Among the various types of makeup, the natural look will always be the one that will always remain in vogue. Each season, it can be found as being one of the hottest makeup trends. Natural makeup appears to be loved both by designers as well as women alike. This is because it is practical, versatile besides being extremely flattering. Moreover, it allows you to express a multitude of various different moods. For spring/summer 2011, the natural makeup trend is based on a very simple principle of enhancing natural beauty besides showing a healthy and glowing skin.

healthy and glowing skinNatural Makeup

As mentioned before, natural makeup needs to follow a few basic and simple rules. This includes applying makeup with the purpose of illuminating the face as well as enhancing the natural beauty of our features like the eyes, lips and cheekbones, by using soft and neutral colors.

There can be no better way to glow during the warm season than by having a flawless looking skin which looks natural as well as healthy. Natural makeup is quite visible nowadays as it was seen on many spring/summer 2011 fashion shows. These displayed eyes were barely brought out by a soft coat of mascara and at times, by even light beige or a brown eye shadow and the lips were left completely nude.

Even though it may seem quite easy to achieve, natural makeup is not really all that simple, especially with regards to finding that perfect balance between nude as well as the almost transparent makeup. Also, camouflaging the flaws or even skin issues and emphasizing upon the qualities may become a challenge since nude makeup needs to become a second skin in order to maintain its natural aspect. You need to take a look at the spring/summer 2011 natural makeup trend in order to learn a few basic tips and tricks and get that look.

natural makeup trendskin complexion

As far as natural makeup is concerned, it is important to understand that this doesn’t mean applying of less makeup. Rather, it means paying a lot of attention to the colors as well as textures of the products being used in order to lead to a glowing skin without flaws and without any kind of unaesthetic or unwanted mask effects. Hence, the first step will be to obtain a flawless and impeccable skin. This is done by taking care of the skin and then preparing it for makeup. The essential step is choosing as well as applying foundation.

In case you are looking for the perfect natural finish foundation, ensure that you stay away from those that are darker or ones which offer a paler looking skin, or those that tend to emphasize your features. The best option is to find one having a fluid texture as that will easily blend with your skin. In case you have oily skin, it is much better to apply a powdered base or even choose a foundation that is oil-free.

In case you need shades of pink or apricot, ensure that the color of your foundation is totally matching your skin complexion; else your natural makeup may get ruined. After you have applied foundation with your fingers, use a sponge to remove the excess and to even the surface.

In case you need, you may use the concealer in order to hide certain imperfections. Else, the next step will be to apply powder. Although we are talking about nude makeup here, powder is used in order to fix foundation as well as to smooth the overall aspect. A great choice would always be a translucent powder, but you may also opt for a colored one though you need to ensure that it doesn’t darken your complexion in any unnatural way. After the powder, you need to apply a gentle touch of blush that will sculpt your features besides adding a healthy hue to the skin. Also, choose the blush based on your skin color.

As far as the eyes are concerned, in case you are not into the all-nude makeup, you may apply a gentle layer of eye shadow which should be in a light, neutral color, like apricot, beige, taupe, or even pale pink, on the eyelid. Arrange your eyebrows by using a special brush to give a natural look. Now apply a coat of black or transparent mascara in order to bring out the beauty of your eyes. For the lips, using a lip balm, lip gloss or even a lipstick in a light shade will help to finish the nude makeup. In case you want to leave the lips nude, simply tap a bit of concealer over the mouth.

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