This Negative Space EyeBrows Trend Is Going Viral Over The Internet


If you think that braided brows, succulent nail arts, or hologram lips are already as far as the makeup scene could get, you could not be more wrong! Makeup artists all over the world just do not seem to run out of ideas for new trends and techniques.

In fact, Instagram users have just recently been going crazy over a new bizarre and borderline freakish negative space eyebrows trend! Yes, you’ve read that right! Find out more about this super daring look and how it was created.

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The Negative Space Eyebrows Trend

So it’s official. Eyelash enhancer paired with dark and bold eyebrows are now a thing of the past ever since France-based makeup artist Kapasovia posted her look where she sported seemingly shaved off eyebrows outlined by dark shadow in replace of her eyebrows.

She also went all in by pairing the negative space eyebrows look with a similar negative space eyeliner and pinkish white negative lips.

Kapasovia indicated in her Instagram caption that the look was inspired by another artist whose name is Salvia and who goes by the Instagram handle, @sadsalvia.

If you scroll through Salvia’s feed, you’ll soon realize that she is an expert in cosmetic special effects in a horrifying, eccentric yet admittedly impressive way. Her works on prosthetics and makeup on her own body and could have been taken straight from a psychological thriller, a horror movie, or your own worst nightmare.

Salvia’s artworks revolve around using makeup and prosthetics to make optical illusions, and dark human-like creature looks, a majority of which do not have eyebrows.

Kapasovia, on the other hand, goes for less wild makeup looks but seems to be particularly fond of experimenting on her eyes and eyebrows. Most of her works focus on bringing out and highlighting her eyes.

She has also previously posted pictures of her wearing gems on her lids, feathery brows, and her own take on the braided brow trend which she calls “shaman”. But her negative space eyebrows look is definitely her biggest, most striking yet.

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How to Do The Negative Space Eyebrows Trend

After the trend became a famous topic on Instagram, everyone was left asking how Kapasovia did it. Here, I’ll be sharing with you what we know about the process as of now.

If you want to copy or try Kapasovia’s negative space eyebrow look for yourself along with the whole face makeup, here are the materials that you will need. Fortunately for us, Kapasovia thankfully mentioned the products she used in her Instagram post caption:

  • Mastix and wax by Kryolan ( @kryolanofficial )
  • Full Cover Concealer in shade O5 by Makeup For Ever (@makeupforeverofficial )
  • Wicked lashes 22 by NYX Cosmetics (@nyxcosmetics )
  • Chromagraphic Pencil in NW20 by MAC Cosmetics (@maccosmetics)’
  • NAKED Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay Cosmetics ( @urbandecaycosmetics)
  • Double Wear 1W1 by Estee Lauder (@esteelauder )
  • Banana Powder by WIBO (@wibopl )
  • Dipbrow Pomade Granite by Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics

Note, however, that even though Kapasovia looked as if she had completely shaved her eyebrows, she could have just taped or glued them down, which makes more sense to do if you’re planning to mimic the look.

Then, she could have covered up her brows with an excellent concealer. She also used a product that’s at least a shade lighter than her own skin tone to draw the spaces in place of her brows.

However, this makeup process is definitely easier said than done, because Kapasovia undoubtedly has incredible talent. As for us who have much inferior makeup skills, this trend might only be something we stare at rather than actually wear and sport.

If you’re tired of the usual wing liners and fake eyelashes, try the negative space brows! Many netizens find the look mesmerizing, unique, and shockingly pretty, not to mention quite intriguing.


So here’s the thing about the negative space eyebrows trend- it’s both creepy and impressive, but people seem to be loving it.

And whether or not it will emerge from a cool and dope Halloween look idea or an avant-garde style for the runway to the everyday makeup scene, we will just have to wait and see.

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