No time For Makeup! No Problem!


Every lady wants to look beautiful and attractive by hook or by crook. They are adopting many methods to enhance their beauty. They want to look not only beautiful but also the problem is that they have no time to do so.
We are living in a fast world, where nobody has time for themselves. We are seeking for shortcuts in everything we do. We do not want to waste our time spending a lot of time for one thing. We want easy and less consuming ways for everything we do.

The same thing also applies for our makeup. We want to enhance our beauty with the help of makeup but we also do not want to waste our much time. Let’s discover some easy and fast methods of applying your makeup so that you look stunning in very less time.
If you have very less time in the morning to get ready for your office, you can keep few things ready at night itself. First of all arrange your accessories at night. You can keep your dress ready before you go to your bed. This will save your lot of time in the morning. In the morning you will know what are you going to wear and you have already kept it ready. Decide the look you want to give yourself the earlier day.

For example, if you want to have a pink look, you can keep your accessories and your makeup kit ready according to it. This will save a lot of time.
Now you can directly with your makeup. Always clean your face before you start applying your makeup. Wash your face and start with an oil based foundation. Never wear your make up on your yesterday’s makeup. This will only damage your skin.
Now use a loose powder on your face. You can use a eye shadow on wet eyes. You can also use a toner that does not contain alcohol. You can use either a sponge to apply eye shadow or you can also use brush which is neither too hard nor too soft.
You can also apply eye liner on your eyes. It defines your eyes. Also you can give different shape to your eyes.

You can also use eye mascara. It can be transparent or in black color.
A day teeth whitener will also help you enhance your beauty. It will take not more than 5 minutes. Try to look fresh and always give a natural look to yourself.

It’s time for your lips to look sparkling. Apply a natural pink color to your lips. It gives a natural and very attractive look. You can also apply a lip gloss on it. You have one more option of directly applying lip gloss on your lips. It will help you show the original color of your lips with providing an altogether sparkling effect to your lips.
You can also try different color lip sticks if you want to. But pink color looks the most natural and beautiful.


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