Nourish Your Hair with Natural Home Made Hair Conditioner!


With the increasing advance technologies and facilities, pollution has reached to the peak of its limit. Anything exposed to it gets affected adversely which has given rise to so many chronic diseases randomly. Our skin and hairs are widely exposed to external environment. Your hairs are most delicate part and hence get affected with growing pollution.

Hair splitting, dandruff, constant hair fall all are common hair problems. Hairs need to be taken special care as these if not protected and cared may lead you to baldness like condition. Hair conditioner is essential component for hairs to provide good texture and look. Numerous types of hair conditioners are available in market. These hair conditioners may also attract you to use them but are you aware that ingredients used in these conditioners may not be suit your hairs.

If we study in details, hair is made up of a protein called keratin that contains long chain of amino acids. These long chain amino acids react with hair conditioners. With combined action of amino acids and conditioner, dust and dirt from hair are removed. Along with these it has studied that some essential proteins that are necessary for hair growth are also removed that can make hair dull and weak.

Therefore, simple way to nourish and condition your hairs is to use natural and home made conditioners. Home made conditioners can nourish and provide natural luster to hairs without any artificial chemicals used. For best home conditioners you can use the following ingredients and methods to prepare natural conditioner for hair.

The first method for preparing home conditioner is as follows: – Prepare a mixture of mayonnaise (mixture of egg yolks and oil and vinegar) and olive oil and add one egg to it. Squash it properly and add 2 tablespoon of lavender or mint oil to it. After preparing proper paste apply this on your hairs uniformly and comb after it.

Let the home made conditioner remain on your hair for nearly15-20 minutes and cover it with shower cap. Then wash it thoroughly. If this naturally based conditioner applied to regularly, your hairs will gain the lost shine and will look healthy. This conditioner works well on dry and normal hair.

Second method that you can use to prepare conditioner is: – Add few drops of baby oil and one cup of water to properly stirred egg. The egg should be stirred properly till foam is produced. Then this mixture is applied on hairs and scalp properly. This can be kept for 5-10minutes and then wash with good natural based shampoo. This mixture can be well used as conditioner for hairs.

Third method involves the following ingredients. Take half a cup of honey and add one fourth of olive oil to it. After mixing it well apply the mixture on your hair and keep it for nearly 20-30 minutes. Then wash it well.

Those who can vegetarian and can not prefer using eggs then this method is best to follow for home made hair conditioner. This method involves mixture of coconut milk and avocado oil. Mix these two things thoroughly and apply on your hairs. Let it remain on your hairs for approximately 10-15 minutes and then wash properly with good shampoo. You can experience shiny and healthy hairs.

The more simple method with which you can condition your hair is to take 4-5 teaspoon of natural yogurts to white portion of egg and stir it thoroughly. Apply this mixture on your hairs and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it with lukewarm water. Towel your hair and keep it for sometime. Avoid rubbing it and drying it with dryers.

These simple home made recipes will help you to give natural nourishment to your hairs. It is simple to prepare and easy to use that will provide a good natural conditioning effect to your hairs without any adverse effects.


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