5 Smart and Stylish Ways to Wear Off-the-shoulder Tops This Winter


One of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body, some argue it’s sexier than the breasts, are her shoulders. It shows off the natural curves of a woman’s physique, and the unavoidable opening it creates showing the décolleté adds to the sexiness of the off-the-shoulder tops.

How to Show off Your Shoulders in Winter?

It sounds crazy, we know but, if it is still trending so much on the runways of the most fashionable capitals in the world, how can you not wear it? Besides, off-the-shoulder tops is one cut every woman of every size can wear. It practically looks great on anybody but, is it really a trend that’s wearable in winter?

Here are 5 ways you can wear off-the-shouder tops without freezing:

1. Layered, off-the-shoulder Look:

1. Layered off-the-shoulder Look

You’re not new to this layering style. We all loved it on Andrea Sachs in “The Devil Wears Prada” where she was shown wearing a white and buttoned collar polo underneath a black, stretch knit worn to the shoulder. This is the perfect season to recreate that look. Don’t forget to put on your messenger hat and your messenger bag.

2. Off-the-shoulder Zip Up Leather Jacket: Believe it! This must be the most unthinkable way to wear a leather jacket, until now. Pair with a closed neck, sleeveless blouse to help keep you warm. Wear the leather jacket over, zipped up to a point where the sleeves hug your shoulders.

3. Oversized Knit Dresses:

Oversized Knit Dresses

Stay warm and cozy in a knitted piece, top or dress. You can always adjust your shoulders to cling to the sides of both shoulders or to drop loosely over one side. Wear a printed scarf to create a visual experience over your plain knit top or dress. Put on a pair of the trendiest, coolest thigh high boots you can find.

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4. Off-the-shoulder Coats:

Off the shoulder Coats

Kim Kardashianhas worn it this way, and this style trend has been seen catwalk down the Balenciaga runways, uber post and uber sexy. Up your style by wearing a wide neck inner top. Put on those boots to stay warm.

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5. Off-the-shoulder Coatlets: Wear over your sleeveless tops or dresses for the full princess effect. Use a coatlet in faux fur, up to waist length will be the perfect piece. Layer your dress with jeans underneath to keep warm, and add thigh high boots to help keep you warm. Put on your glasses. Wear your posh bag. You’re ready to strut the off-the-shoulder trend without freezing.


Winter fashion can be harder to rock, if only because of the limitations posted by the prevailing climate prevents us all from showing any skin, else we’ll freeze. However, off-the-shoulder tops are simply irresistible, and with these 5 outfit ideas, you can stay warm and cozy, and still be trendy all at the same time.

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