Oily Hair Need To Be Treated With Care


Oily hairs are mostly greasy and they appear lanky and oily and hence require repeating washing. Oily hairs can be due to many reasons. The hormonal imbalance, diet including excess of fatty foods, oil glands of scalp and frequent washing can also cause hairs to become oily. Oily hairs are often sticky and even after washing appears oily after long time.

Some of the key causes that results into oily hairs are as follows:

  • Too much of perspiration
  • Running hands from the hairs frequently
  • Excess production of sebum due to hormonal imbalance
  • Hormonal imbalance is due to hypertension, stress, poor nutritious food and atmospheric changes etc.
  • Frequent brushing of hairs also result in oily hairs

Oily hairs often become sticky and greasy.

Simple Remedies for Oily Hairs

If your hairs are oily then you might have observed these changes on your hairs. For which you might have tried all the hair products to overcome these problems. For easy take over on such problems you can also try some simple home remedies that can assist you to make your hairs look more pleasing and attractive.

No one prefers oily and sticky hairs, everyone wants their hairs to look smooth free and look attractive. These gentle remedial ways will help you to treat your oily hairs properly.

Make use of gentle and mild shampoos mostly having natural base. Prefer that shampoo that helps your hairs to add its volume. Simple perm in hair can raise the hair root and will prevent sebum dispersal.

Plan healthy and fresh food for your diet, include more green vegetables and fruits and cut short the fatty and dairy food. Prefer drinking plenty of water atleast 6-8 glasses per day.

One of the home remedy that you can try to reduce excess of oil from your skin by making an extract of mint leaves. Boil the mint leave properly one glass of water and take the infusion from it. Mix this infusion after straining it properly in a bottle of shampoo. Shake it thoroughly before use.

To reduce excess oil from scalp, choose this remedy that includes a mixture of a tablespoon of malt vinegar in a glass of water combined with a pinch of salt. Apply this gently on your scalp and massage it. With the fingertips tap and massage your scalp lightly. Practice this atleast twice a week that will help to remove excess of oil from your scalp.

To treat your oily hairs properly limit oily and fatty diet. Include fresh and green vegetables and fruits and drink enough of water.

Many times no perfect hair style suits oily hairs. Generally hairs that are healthy shine due to the thin coat of sebum. Sebum is a substance secreted by sebaceous glands that are present at the roots of each hair near the scalp.

When the sebaceous glands secrete sebum in excess amount, it results into greasy and oily hairs. The best option to prevent oily hairs is to wash your hairs with mild shampoos and cut short too much fatty food from your diet.

The advantageous side of oily hairs is that they do not require too much oiling. These can be treated well with herbal treatment and natural ingredients means that help to care your hairs naturally without any ill-effects.


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