Options on How to get Fuller Lips


How to get Fuller Lips You see it everywhere on television and magazines—plump and pouty lips that is both sexy and elegant! Then you wonder if there really are effective ways how to get fuller lips. The good news is that there are several ways to achieve this look.

Here’s the truth, while most people are genetically destined to have thin and inconspicuous lips like most of the celebrities who are naturally gifted with plump and pouty lips, some celebrities turned to methods that enabled them to achieve this desirable look.These methods include the following:

Lip enhancement surgery

If you’re wondering how an acquaintance or a certain celebrity suddenly was able to have sexy and plump lips after disappearing for a while, they probably had lip enhancement surgery. There are many kinds of lip enhancement surgery. This basically involves an injection or implant.

Some types of injections include collagen or fat, but as regards to several kinds of implants, these are surgically inserted to make the lips fuller and plumper. Both are popular and effective ways how to get fuller lips; however the problem is the risk and pain involved. Just like any kind of minor or major surgery, there is a possibility of complication from any kind of lip enhancement surgery. So are there any other options?

Cinnamon Leaf Oil Concentrate

This is a natural substance that is considered to be one of the safest ways how to get fuller lips. For people who hesitate to undergo surgery or series of injections, cinnamon leaf oil concentrate is a good natural alternative. Cinnamon leaf oil works by improving the blood flow to the lips, making it temporarily fuller and plumper. Peppermint can also be used as an alternative to cinnamon leaf oil.

Lip Brushing

After brushing your teeth, brush your lips gently. This should be done at least two times a day. This works by making the lips swell slightly due to the minor irritation caused by the brushing. Just make sure to use a very soft brush in order to avoid damaging the lips. After brushing, wipe the lips and apply lip balm. This will prevent dry and cracked lips.

Lip Plumping Products

Using lip plumping products is one of the best alternatives to having surgery. Lip plumping products are very simple and easy to use. These products are just like lip gloss that must be applied around two times a day. There are many kinds of lip plumping products that work differently. Basically, these products have ingredients that create a temporary swelling effect of the lips. This is surely one of the most effective ways of how to get fuller lips without having injections or surgery.


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