Oscars 2017: Emma Stone Wins Best Actress of 2017 For ‘La La Land’

  • Emma’s Awards And Nominations

    Emma Nominattions
  • The La La Land Performance<

    The La La Land Performance
  • Emma’s Acceptance Speech

    Emmas Acceptance Speech

Emma Stone, aged 28, is an actress who has taken Hollywood’s top honor. She participated in an annual star-studded carried out on Sunday night, where she won the Best Actress Academy Award. Emma’s performance was in La La Land, the all-singing and dancing hymn to Hollywood directed by Damien Chazelle. She had a role as the struggling actress known as Mia Dolan in the movie musical La La Land.

Emma’s Awards And Nominations

Emma Nominattions

It was her second Oscar nomination and her first Academy Award. Previously in the year 2014, she was nominated for an Oscar for the Best Supporting Actress in Best Picture-winner Birdman. Unfortunately, she did not make it as a winner in this. In January, she emerged as the winner of the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a comedy or musical performance category. Stone won as the best actress at the Baftas a fortnight ago. She also won several other revered pre-Oscar prizes in the following weeks. This included the Screen Actor’s Guild award and British Academy of Film and Televisions annual award. Emma was the only actress in this category who was nominated for a role in the film that was also running for Best Picture. She was nominated alongside, Loving’s Ruth Negga, Elle’s Isabelle Huppert, Florence Foster Jenkins’ Meryl Streep and Jackie’s Natalie Portman.

The La La Land Performance

The La La Land Performance

La La Land had been expected to dominate in this season ever since its premiere, although Moonlight won the best picture award on the opening night of the Venice film festival in August. It waswritten and directed by Damien Chazelle, follows Sebastian and Mia played by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone respectively, as they fall in love striving to make it to Los Angeles. Emma portrayed her role as Mia, an aspiring actress, and barista who feel in love along the way as she was trying to make it to Hollywood.

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Emma’s Acceptance Speech

Emmas Acceptance Speech

In her speech, Emma thanked the director, Damien Chazelle and also her co-star Ryan Gosling for “raising the bar” and making her laugh. She wishes to continue with him on her journey to success as an actress. She also said that the women in the category were extraordinary and she looked upon them and admired them more than she could express in words. She says that it has been the greatest honor to stand alongside them. She explains that she has been in Hollywood for 13 years since when she was 15 years. It is at this early age of 15 when she started auditioning. Emma also explains the similarities between her character on the screen and herself.

The whimsical movie-musical won rave reviews and grossed $369 million at the global box office, making it the top-grossing Best Picture nominee of the year. The statuette gives the actress more status. Stone has earned more than $40 million pretax by balancing commercial fare like The Amazing Spider-Man with artful Indies such as Birdman

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Emma Stone is an outstanding actress who has made the right impression in acting. She still aspires to continue with the journey with a lot of growing and learning and work to do. To celebrate her achievement, she plans to call her mother and some friends to drink champagne.

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