Oval Makeup Brushes: The Latest Beauty Trend You Must Try Out


Most women rave about makeup – the latest palettes, the latest trends, the latest textures. It has become perfectly normal to own an entire room filled with cosmetic products where you can find all sorts of shades, colors, sizes, makes and brands of makeup for just about every sort of skin imperfection cosmetic manufacturers can think of.

No matter how much money you spend on foundations, concealers, blushes, eye shadows, bronzer and what not, however, if you do not own the proper brushes, and are not skilled at using them, the makeup just would not come out right. Thus, the frustration sets in. Sometimes, reading the labels and actually getting down to learn and to practice and, owning the right tools actually contribute to delivering 80 per cent of the results only 20 per cent of the results can actually be attributed to using the right products for your skin type and that addresses your skin issues.

Makeup Brushes and What They Can Do To Complete Your Look

When it comes to makeup brushes, these are tools you simply cannot not have when you regularly use makeup and most especially if you love putting them on.

Invest in makeup brushes if you’re aiming to perfect your makeup, regardless if it’s your everyday look or a special occasion you’re putting it on. Owning and using the right makeup brush can make a lot of difference on the makeup results you get, and even on how much time and effort you put into the whole process of putting on makeup whenever you need to.

You have two choices when it comes to makeup brushes – the natural or synthetic. Natural brushes are actually harvested from real, live animals and then put in a brush, which makes it so problematic when cruelty free is the subject which often turns away users almost instantly too. Synthetic brushes, on the other hand, are hailed to give you better coverage and better feel. These brushes glide more smoothly on skin and are non-irritating.

Makeup Brushes Complete Your Look

Ordinary makeup users, and even skin experts and makeup enthusiasts have long recognized the importance of brushes in obtaining a flattering result. After the long time craze over these brushes, however, many swear by the fact that one person only needs around four to six brushes to get the look they want right. These days, the cosmetics world is raving about oval brushes. Are these new tools just hype or, are making well founded claims?

Based on several professional and non-professional reviews about these new brushes, oval brushes offer several advantages over conventional makeup brushes. For one, oval brushes are synthetic brushes but are smartly shaped and tightly packed to give you the perfect coverage while also ascertaining that you get the most from your products more consistently. The shape of the brush also keeps your products from settling at the bottom of the brush.

Care of Makeup Brushes

The tightly packed and ultra soft bristles glide smoothly on your skin, giving you more precision and control while keeping the application motion light. The handles are also slightly curved and flexible to help you have more control over the movement of the brush and over product application. In which case, the oval brushes can be intimidating on first sight because of its novelty but, is actually the better choice for non-pros as compared to conventional brushes.

With a little bit of know-how and practice, oval brushes can actually give you the best coverage and the most flattering no makeup look everybody these days is going for. What’s more, oval brushes come with their own cleaning system which easily clears your brushes of products so you can use them immediately to apply another color or another product all together without messing up your face.

How to Use Oval Brushes?

how to Use Oval Brushes

The most versatile of the oval brushes are the broad coverage and medium coverage brushes which are perfect for applying your foundations, concealers, color correcting creams, bronzers and blushes, whether these are fluid or powder. These brushes have great blending abilities that with a smooth glide and with just a few strokes blend your product color very well with your skin. Thus, ending in giving you a very natural, flawless complexion that actually does not look like you’re covered in layers of products.

The other brushes include eye shadow brushes and linear brushes. The linear brushes are great for putting on highlights and for drawing natural looking, feathery brows. These brushes are also great for putting on eyeliners on the top and bottom of your lids. The eye shadow brushes are great to put on eye colors meant for your daily look or if you’re simply blending in one or two colors but, for putting on more precision eye shadow colors like when you’re trying to achieve smoky eyes, these oval eye shadow brushes may be problematic because it’s difficult to control where the bristles glide.

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Oval brushes are sold separately for an average of $50 to $60 each, while sets of 5 brushes retail for $150 on the average. These brushes are an expensive investment so it’s best to try it in store first so you can find out if you’re comfortable using them and which types you find most versatile to serve majority of your makeup brush needs.


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