Getting a Tattoo? 5 Most Painful Places To Get a Tattoo Done

  • 1. Inner Side Of The Arm

    Inner Side Of The Arm
  • 2. Ankle

  • 3. Hands And Knuckles

    Hands And Knuckles
  • 4. Back Of The Knee

    Back Of The Knee
  • 5. Around The Eyes

    Around The Eyes

Are you contemplating on getting a tattoo? If you are then, chances are, you’re not only looking forward to etching your personality in your own skin but also to the painful process of getting it done.

In general, tattoo artists and enthusiasts warn that the most painful places for getting a tattoo are those spots where there’s very little fat cushion between your skin and your bones. It’s impossible to get a tattoo and not feel the pain that comes with it. For your further information, listed below are the five most painful places to ever get a tattoo done:

1. Inner Side Of The Arm

Inner Side Of The Arm

Skin on the insides of your arm may seem fatty and can even sag from the flesh underneath it. However, you must remember that skin around these parts also tend to be thinner than in other parts of your body, most especially the outer side of your arms and skin on other parts that are frequently exposed to the sun. That means, the same also goes for your inner thighs.

2. Ankle


There is an intricate network of nerves lying underneath this area so the overall sensation will feel more painful compared to most other parts of your body. What makes getting a tattoo on the ankle even worse is that it’s almost just skin and bones — a lot of bones and joints.

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3. Hands And Knuckles

Hands And Knuckles

Just like in the ankle, this is one place where there’s too many nerves and bones and too little skin. It sets you up for more pain than what might be necessary to get your tattoo done.

4. Back Of The Knee

Back Of The Knee

There is a major artery that runs underneath this area, the popliteal artery, where the pulse can be measured. It is responsible for helping distribute blood and the oxygen and nutrients it carries to the lower part of the body. That and an intricate network of veins make this area super sensitive to wounding and injury.

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5. Around The Eyes

Around The Eyes

Skin in these parts is so thin. Combined with the many nerve endings from the eyebrows to the lids to the under eyes, the pain that can be felt when getting a tattoo around this area can be easily magnified by 10 times. So, whether you’re looking forward to getting an art done or just a cosmetic tattoo, you should seriously consider this fact. Getting an eyeball tattoo is a whole different ballgame, however.


Take David Beckham’s advice for when getting a tattoo: “My only advice would be to not get one done when you’re drunk and to make sure it’s meaningful to you because eventually your body changes and it might not look as cool as it did ten years before.” This way, the pain becomes meaningful and your meaningful motivations for getting ink done on you might just help ease the pain that naturally comes with tattooing.

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