Unique Paper Dresses by Mathew Brodie

By Rachel Barton

Have you ever heard of dresses made up of paper? Yes the art director Matthew Brodie with his team made dresses out of paper. This challenging shoot was for Madame Magazine. The creativity that has come up is great!

Paper Dress by Mathew BrodiePaper Dress by Mathew Brodie

According to Brodie “it was the most fun, and most challenging to date.” All the dresses were made from A3 sheets of paper. Brodie’s team also included a former pattern cutter and designer for John Galliano.

Paper Dresses by Mathew BrodiePaper Dresses by Mathew Brodie

With rolls of paper and lot of hard work they came up with five complete dresses. Brodie said, “We toiled in the studio creating designs with tissue and brown paper, a real Jack and Jill, seeing what would work and what wouldn’t, a lot more didn’t work than did, paper is not a malleable material, but eventually the idea showed itself to us and we had five dresses and props that we’d make.”

Paper Dress by Mathew Brodie for Madame MagazinePaper Dress by Mathew Brodie for Madame Magazine

The paper dresses were truly impressive and unique. This extravagant creation is inspiring and also shows that there is no end to one’s imagination and perseverance.

Paper Dresses by Mathew Brodie for Madame MagazinePaper Dresses by Mathew Brodie for Madame Magazine

Photos via matthewbrodie.com

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