Party Makeup To Help You Look Magnificent!


We usually attend many parties. Generally, there is at least one party in a month or two. We like to wear different dresses and many try different hairstyles every time we attend a party. But we do not know different makeup styles to enhance our beauty. So we usually go with the same makeup on. It is very important to give your self a different look with the help of our makeup.

Different occasions call for a different makeup. You cannot attend a business meeting with a party makeup. Also a party makeup will make you look very goody in a business meeting.

So you should always be in a perfect makeup to make an impression. For attending a party you must wear a makeup with glitter. It is a perfect one for attending a party. It highlights your features and also helps you look different.

If you are below 35 or 40 you can also try fantasy makeup which looks stunning on almost everyone.

Wondering! How to Apply a Fantasy Makeup?

To get a classy and fantastic look use an eye shadow and a powder that is sparkling. Colors like silver, bronze, golden or colors that can enhance your beauty should be used. You would also need a superb lip gloss.
Use colors that flatter you. You can also apply a shimmer color eye shadow in the centre of your lips to get more fabulous look.

Make Your Eyes Look More Attractive

To get a superb look and make people turn around and look at you again and again apply a metallic color eye shadow.

You can also use shades like brown, pink, peach color, lilac. To look more stunning you can also highlight your eye line by using a silver or golden pencil.

Now use black mascara for your eye lashes. Apply 2 to 3 layers of mascara to get a finished and dazzling look.

You can also use one coat of transparent and water proof mascara with crystals to your eye lashes. If you have very thin eye lashes you can also use artificial eye lashes.

In the end apply some loose powder with the help of powder brush on your cheekbones, chin, nose and your fore head.

Getting a Spectacular Eye Makeup

You can also get a very classy look with the help of your makeup. This gives you a completely different look. It may take you to the old Egyptian era.

You can keep your lips nude and look stunning. While applying this makeup the concentration will be completely on your eyes. So you will have to use artificial eye lashes. You can trim those artificial eye lashes so that they suit you and go perfectly with your face. Now apply the by following the instructions given by the manufacturer.

And if you are completely not convinced with the idea of applying artificial eye lashes you can apply 3 coats of mascara.

Now after you are done. Apply eye shadow covering your complete eyelid with the help of eye shadow. Also use liquid eye liner and draw a thick line on the upper lashes. Make it thicker towards the outer corner of the eye line. You can also use an eye liner pencil towards the outer eye line.

Try using a deeper shade of eye shadow to get that classy look. You can use colors like deep green, blue, plum color or charcoal color. You can finish it by applying a black eye pencil line on the lower lashes. Then finally apply a coat of mascara.

Transforming Your Lips

To get a classy look you will have to use nude colors for your lips. Just applying a gloss can also help.

You can keep your cheeks pale or just use a blusher to get a radiant look.

Succulent lips

If you have sensuous lips than concentrate more on them while doing your makeup.
You can use any natural shade for your eye shadow and apply a single coat of mascara on your eye lashes.
Concentrate more on your lips. Use dark red color lipstick or you can also go with deep wine color.
Do not forget to use a lip liner.
Also use some blush and apply on your cheeks.
Very important point is to start your makeup with an oil based foundation.


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