Pastel Makeup: The Spring Beauty Trend


When is comes to spring beauty, pastel makeup seems like the obvious choice. The color palette is one that always feels fresh, light and perfect for the sunny weather. We have already seen some hues that are muted and manifest as pretty peach blush at Jason Wu, a pink soft lip at Moschino and as pale liner at Christian Dior on the runways. Here are some tips and tricks that can guide you:

For Your Eyes

When you are going for a pastel liner, it is recommended that you pair it with your regular brown or black liner. This way, you will not lose the definition you get from the basic liner but you will also get a fresh pop of color.

For eyeshadow, you can select your pigment based on your eye color. Blue eyes work well with peach, green eyes work well with pink or lavender, while brown eyes work well with almost all pastel.

You should try as much as possible to avoid shades that are too close to your skin tone. If your skin has yellow undertones, stay away from a yellow or green shadow. It is also recommended that you use a cream eye shadow to get the most depth and vibrancy.

For Your Cheeks

If you want to avoid looking too washed out with a pastel blush, it is recommended that you use a cream formula. Note that using a pastel cream blush will always leave you with a little glow and radiance. Use a sponge, your fingers or a fluffy powder brush for application. Apply to the apples of the cheeks and ensure that you blend to get the best result. It is best to stick with peach and pink tones when it comes to pastel blush.

For Your Lips

The pastel lips are best when within the peach or pink range. Even if you are a huge fan of matte lipstick in fashion or on the runway, when it comes to daily wear a cream wear is the best option. However, if you put it on and feel like there is too much shine, you can just blot and apply a little powder on top. That will make you feel great.

If you are not sure what to do, or if you have any skin condition, it is advisable to contact a specialist before applying any makeup.


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