Patchy Eyebrows Causes, Symptoms, Treatments And More


A perfect set of eyebrows is a facial feature most women seek. This is the reason why even the smallest amount of hair loss gets easily noticed. If you are experiencing falling out of eyebrow hair, there may be an underlying condition. Bear in mind that the thinning of eyebrows is usually with reason. Do not wait until all of it has fallen off before making a move.

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The Medical Reasons Behind Patchy Eyebrows

If you find yourself wondering, “Why Do My Eyebrows Keep Falling Out?”, below are the some known Patchy Eyebrows Causes you can use for reference:

1. Alopecia

Alopecia causes patchy eyebrows

Patchy Eyebrow Loss is often caused by this condition. Alopecia is a medical term for loss of hair. Androgenic alopecia causes baldness for both males and females. Genetics play a huge role in contracting this condition. Hormones also play a contributing factor. Another cause will be an autoimmune condition where the body mistakenly identifies hair follicles as foreign matters. The immune system attacks them eventually killing any possibility of hair growth. This is called Alopecia areata.

2. Thyroid Issues

Thyroid issues causes patchy eyebrows

One of the causes of patchy eyebrows is hypothyroidism or underproduction of thyroid hormones. While hyperthyroidism also causes hair loss, it usually occurs only on the scalp. For hypothyroidism, the loss of hair happens all over the body. To know if an underactive thyroid is responsible for patchy eyebrow loss, take note of other symptoms of fatigue, muscle cramps, dry hair, pale skin, weakness, weight gain, and constipation.

3. Leprosy

 Patchy eyebrows caused by leprosy

Hansen’s disease affects the skin, including the eyebrow region. It removes the sensation and can lead to a permanent loss of hair in that area. Antibiotics will be prescribed by a physician to cure the disease. The treatment usually takes about six months to a year.

4. Vitamin deficiencies

Patchy eyebrows due to vitamin deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies can be a cause for eyebrows growing in patchy patterns. Having either excessive nutrients and deficient ones can cause scalp and body hair loss. The eyebrows are not exempted. For example, anemia due to lack of iron can be a reason for hair loss. Other vitamins that you need to focus on if you are starting to notice patchy eyebrow loss are the following: Vitamin B Complex namely vitamin B12, niacin, and B7; Vitamin D; Zinc; and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

5. Eczema

Eczema causes patchy eyebrows

Atopic dermatitis is a condition considered to be one of the causes of patchy eyebrows. It can lead to eyebrow thinning due to inflammation of the skin. Redness, scaly, itchy, and swollen skin are symptoms of the disease. People with eczema can also attribute the loss of eyebrows and lashes to constant scratching and rubbing.

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What Are The Other Causes of Patchy Eyebrows?

Other factors not related to medical causes that can be considered as patchy eyebrows causes include poor diet, overplucking, and stress. Some medications also cause this condition, such as:

  • Antihypertensives – Propranolol, Clonidine, Captopril, Atenolol.
  • Antidepressants /Emotional Stabilizers/Psychotics – Prozac, Lithium, Amitriptylene, Haldol.
  • Seizure Medication – Phenytoin, Valproic Acid , Phenobarbital.

Thankfully, there are some eyebrow hair loss solutions you can count on. If you feel that this is due to an underlying disease, it is best to consult a physician. They can focus on treating the condition first, which is much more important. There is no sense treating the symptom, if the actual disease does not get addressed.

There has not been an FDA approved way of treating eyebrows. Most people resort to eyebrow transplants as an effective eyebrow hair loss treatment. However, there are some alternatives you can go for.

How To Repair Eyebrow Loss?

Can you regrow your eyebrows? Yes, you can but it is important that you seek professional help in doing so. Here are some tips:

  • For people suffering from atopic dermatitis, ask for your physician’s advice on what skin products you should use. Due to the increased skin sensitivity, using certain brands may aggravate the condition.
  • People who are suffering from alopecia areata can use corticosteroids injections in areas they have loss of eyebrows. This will eventually get eyebrows to grow back. However, the appearance will not look that natural.
  • Try eyebrow enhancing cosmetics (like Prevage). This can help improve the appearance of your eyebrows. Some eyebrow stimulating cosmetics that contains minoxidil is very safe for use.
  • Hormone therapy is bound to treat issues related to hypothyroidism.

If chemical treatments are not your thing, there are plenty of natural ways to grow eyebrows faster.

How To Grow Eyebrows Thicker Using Homemade Remedies?

There are also some homemade remedies for patchy eyebrows. These are as follows:

  • Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, And Olive Oil
Castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil to treat patchy eyebrows

Treat yourself to an overnight procedure by soaking your eyebrows with castor, coconut, or olive oil. When looking for what to use to make your eyebrows thicker, these three essential oils have topped the list. Massage your eyebrows using your oil of choice before bedtime and leave on until the next morning. Some oils like evening primrose have been observed to be effective in putting an end to hair loss, as well.

  • Onion Juice
Onion juice for patchy eyebrows

One of the best natural eyebrow hair growth enhancers, onion juice, is a great choice. This is despite the minor setback of smelling like onions on your face.

  • Quit Eyebrow Plucking
Quit eyebrow plucking to reduce patchy eyebrows

Using eyebrow makeup and plucking can damage the natural growth of your eyebrows. Constant plucking is probably one of the most usual eyebrow mistakes you’re making. Give you eyebrow hair a chance to grow, and you will not need to worry about knowing how to fix patchy eyebrows without makeup.

If the aforementioned procedures on how to repair eyebrow loss do not work, you can try going for eyebrow transplants. The medical procedure makes use of micro grafts to fill missing eyebrows and start full eyebrow reconstruction. A less intrusive option is Microblading Eyebrow Treatment. It is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure that has become popular in the recent years. Tiny needles resembling a small blade are used to place the pigment (to fill some patchy areas) under the skin.

Being proactive and using eyebrow growth tips to prevent getting patchy eyebrow loss is a lot easier than trying to mitigate the problem of losing hair. If eyebrow loss is a symptom of an underlying condition you know you have, then you should do your best to prevent it from getting worse.

How To Grow Eyebrows Thicker?

1. Some eyebrow Hair Growth Enhancers such as serums and conditioners can provide some minimal help.
2. Prevent patchy eyebrow loss by eating a balanced meal which is rich in necessary nutrients. Your diet should be made of many fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. You can supplement your essential vitamins supply using multivitamins. Some foods good for eyebrow growth are those rich in biotin. Examples are eggs, avocados, peanuts, and almonds.

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Knowing how to fix thin eyebrows and putting what you know into action are daunting and challenging tasks, be ahead of the game by using measures that can help you steer clear of developing patchy eyebrows.


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