Get Inspired by the Perfect 10 Cat Eye of Olympic Champ Simone Biles


In a largely Hollywood and social media centered publicity sphere, it is refreshing to see a truly inspirational celebrity capture so much public attention. Simone Biles is a teenager who has shown that it takes courage and commitment not only to keep winning in her chosen field but, also in life.

Simone Biles’s Cat Eye

The 2016 Rio Olympics individual all-around champ in gymnastics and the only three-time world all-around champion may not be any ordinary 19 year old young lady you bump into across the street. Yet, she is as ordinary as anybody else in loving makeup, and she does so very subtly and trendily with her gorgeous cat eye look.

It’s all over the floor, the vault, the ring and the beams! This world class gymnast is showing off more than just the studded stars and stripes colors characteristic of the US flag. Her winged eyeliners are also catching spotlight and a lot of public interest.

Simone Biless cat eye

The dramatically drawn cat eye, under eyelid lines drawn in with a dark blue outline, and tear glands and inner corners of the eyes highlighted with a shimmery, sparkly silver — Simone deserves a perfect 10 for her glamorous eye showing as well.

The most astounding fact about Simone’s eye makeup? It didn’t smudge, it didn’t break and it stayed on even after all the breathtaking routines she has made in the Olympics. Her cat eye and her entire eye make up was there to throw in more glitz and glam as the champ shined while receiving her Olympic gold medals in Rio.

How to get Simone’s Cat Eye?

You know you want Simone’s glam cat eye. Get it by following the simple step-by-step process below.

Step 1: Extend the line of your lower lid outward. Using a black eyeliner, extend the line to at least half an inch although it can go as far up as you would like to have it.


Step 2: Pick a point on your upper lid to which you will be connecting the line you just draw from Step 1. Ideally, the point will be somewhere in the center from the half point of your upper lid and the outer corner. Connect the point to the line.

Step 3: Color in the triangle that forms in the corner of your eyes.

Step 4: Bring the eyeliner in. Draw a thin line on your eyelid all the way to your tear duct.

Step 5: Follow the same steps for your other eye.

To get the full Simone eye look, use a dark blue eye liner to color your lower lid. Using a powder glitter or, a highlighter pencil, color your tear ducts and tiny portion of your lower and upper eyelids. Curl your eyelashes and put on a volumizing mascara.


Getting Simone’s cat eye is no daunting task, compared to having to learn the bouncy, body breaking moves that’s winning her Olympic golds. If it’s her gymnastics expertise that you wanted err, that could be a problem!

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