Perfect Hairstyle for Perfect Look!


Depending on the size and shape of your face your hairstyle differs. Whether your face cut is oval, square or may be triangular, your hairstyle too requires alteration accordingly. Your hairstyle reflects your look, personality, and overall appearance. Hairstyle gives you dazzling look as well. A perfect get up of perfect hairstyle with perfect color and lifestyle, can fit you to look best in any type of dressing regardless of time.

The key to give a best polishing to your look is to choose perfect hairstyle depending on your hair type, face shape and shades of your complexion. It is always smart thinking to dress hairstyle according to your hair type as this will help you to avoid further expenses on hair set up.

To know more about hairstyle and its making, following information will help you to give you a perfect look:

If you give a short or cropped style to your hairs, it will allow your short neck to look long, which otherwise would have given piled up appearance with long hairs.

The hairs that are close to face skip up with double chin.

  • Usually cuts that are short can give a good appearance to a person with well erect neck, touchy look, firm jaws, or well shape head.
  • A person may look good with long hair style provided the hairs are healthy, shiny hairs, and is in perfect cut without splits and any cleavages.
  • The facial features can appear soft with layered cut.
  • The hair cut upto chin length may give a good look to your face with any type of hairs may it be straight, curly and wavy, provided it does not contain pile up style.
  • Face with square shape can afford short and spiky cut or any sleek style that extends below jaws will give a good look to it.

If your hairs are fine and thin then short bob cut can be well suited as this will require just a blow-drying after shampoo. If you endeavor to make your growing long thin hair to curly ones then you are likely to spend lots of expenses on hair products, heat stylers and hair sprays. Even this effort will be more time consuming then adopting right type of style for particular type of hair. On the other hand if your hairs are thick and wavy then you can readily keep the style for long or also shorten them and can also dry these hairs without hair dryers.

Now coming up with hair colors, women with pale complexions should prefer brunette shades for older women to look younger. Whereas women of any age those who have light complexion will look great with auburn hair. The complexions with olive or dark are more fortunate to suit any type of hair colors. Usually these women hair look more attractive with more different colors like blond, brown with red highlights as well as burgundy.

So it is essential to keep your face shape in mind while doing any hairstyle. If you don’t know your face shape then you need to just stretch your hairs back and see the face shape. Depending on the face shape whether it is heart shaped or diamond or triangular and square, your hairstyle should differ accordingly.

Triangular face will suit short hairstyle whereas oval face shape may prefer any hairstyle. Those with diamond face shape will look great with hairs long upto chin and others with heart shaped face with soft curls till chin length style. Square shaped face will look pretty with layers style hairs.

Up till now if you still not sure about your perfect hairstyle, then take help of beauty hairstyle magazines and internet that provides much information that will help you to make your hairstyle perfect.


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